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Bao Gang is reduced steely market of China of product value suggestion entered d
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Since dropping in year 2008, rolled steel market is in basically drop greatly and the situation that did not give existing force to rebound, baogang complies with the market to go situation announce to be reduced considerably December product value, from some kind of flank actually report gave Chinese steely market to had entered what deepness adjusts to drop periodic.

Bao Gang comes on stage December product value, to Bao Gang price of branch and mild steel of stainless steel branch, SS400 is reduced 1, 000 yuan / ton, boat board price reduces 800 yuan / ton; All variety price reduces hot-rolling pickling 1, 000 yuan / ton; General cold price reduces 900 yuan generally / ton; Galvanizing price reduces 700 yuan generally / ton; Electric galvanization and electric galvanization are able to bear or endure dactylogram price reduces 900 yuan generally / ton; Price of plating aluminous zinc reduces 700 yuan generally / ton; Colour besmear price reduces 400 yuan / ton.

Market of Chinese rolled steel lasts low fan, in Jin Jiuyin the consumptive busy season of 10, the price still falls defeat successively, and drop power is greater, as domestic iron and steel bibcock produces a business, the quotation that Bao Gang publishs is the vane that price of company of rolled steel production adjusts all the time, this certainly will that move price causes Bao Gang the follow-up of company of other and steely production. After the National Day up to now, short tens of day, rolled steel already declined considerably, drop the breed that extent amounts to 1000 yuan of above basically is very much. Steel of Shanghai field treasure produced SPCC 1.0 millimeter to multiply on October 6 1, 250 by 2, 500 cold board still sign up for in 6, 500 yuan / ton, had dropped to 5 to 17 days, 100 yuan / ton, drop 1, 400 yuan / ton. Market of Department of Commerce moves adjust department released business affairs forecast to show on October 14, end to was become on October 12, annulus of price of Chinese rolled steel is compared drop 6.2% , among them 20 by 1.2 solder cold rolling of steel tube, 1 millimeter is common hot-rolling of thin plate, 3 millimeter is common and laminose drop a house before, annulus score does not drop 11.9% , 9.1% with 8.4% .

The blame reason of price of this round of rolled steel is killed considerably drop, result from the fall after a rise of boom of the main industry that use steel such as Chinese estate, car, home appliance, consumption of apparent of Chinese crude steel is added compared to the same period fast will 8 years appear first negative growth; Suffer investment cost to rise quickly reach a money to be affected from tight policy, although investment of town fixed assets maintains grow compared to the same period, but deduct prices to rise outside the element, add fast already compared to the same period fall after a rise; Real-estate trade investment is added fast considerably fall after a rise, brought about investment to add fast glide, relatively the earth affected steely use demand, real-estate industry considerably the demand that fall after a rise also drove the other industry that use steel secondhand; Internal-combustion engine, generate electricity the enterprise using steel such as equipment builds investment to put delay as a result of domestic manufacturing industry and power industry, appear to enjoy growth differently accordingly. Of rolled steel demand dispirited make steely industry supply relatively excess, and steel price drops and can not digest excess supply completely, steelworks reduction of output makes a trend, corresponding raw material demand is abate, because of this terminal demand dispirited and final conduct reversely to raw material enterprise, the price drops continuously since the industry second half of the year such as iron ore, coke. Look from industry wool interest rate, in waiting for an industry to compare, iron ore, coke still is in higher level downstream. Iron ore, coke, ferroalloy because cost is low, it is certain to still have depreciate space.
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