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Steel of world of chain of industry of automobile of attack of aluminous look fo
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Is prospective car still make by other data by iron and steel?

Those who stem from car of new to future energy resources to affect a car to be measured with iron and steel is anxious, by last year, world steely society started " car of prospective iron and steel (FSV) plans " -- the influence that technology of motivation of prescient new energy resources uses steel capacity and property to car, reach commercialize the meaning that popularizes pair of steely businesses.

Steel look forward to pays close attention to technology of new energy resources

This project divides 3 level: Trial-produce of design of project research, concept, prototype. On September 25, world steel assist finished in Detroit " car of prospective iron and steel (FSV) plans " project of the first phase considers to sum up.

On October 6, the center of engineering of car of new energy resources of the university that be the same as aid that just attended the meeting teachs Zhou Su to tell a reporter, "After we arrange all sorts of variable combination, thinking car of new energy resources measures an effect with steel to prospective car still is not particularly big.

Zhou Su chairs a project to study fuel cell part in this project, "World steel assist hope to make 1-2 first model, notional design is done in the 2nd phase. Forecast specificly want the world steel November assist be in the summary of an Er just can know. " according to Introduction Zhou, attend the meeting this the delegate feedbacks, the trend using steel of prospective car differentiates hard at present.

"Car of prospective iron and steel (FSV) plans " one of tasks of the project, assess current technology namely and forecast development position of future, in order to feed steel assist each member company is referenced. World steel assist of the project start, the attention of company of iron of tapping of the reflection on certain level to technology of motivation of car new energy resources.

"They want to know, system of prospective car power uses the influence of the function of steel capacity and steel and steely enterprise to car, so that make corresponding policy,adjust. " Zhou Su tells a reporter, considering the just sex of project result, participate in what do not have Motor Corporation this directly, because fear the participation of car company affects the conclusion of the project,be.

Zhou Su tells a reporter, project research project is specific the work that should do includes a car to carry survey of fuel cell technology, at present the analysis of condition with was time node 2015, of technology of batteries of Che Zairan makings forecast, the car after 2020 holds fuel cell system look into, give out the technical index that prospective car holds fuel engine and design.

"Whole FSV project pays close attention to, still did not come the effect that dynamical system develops to steely enterprise. " Zhou Su expresses.

New energy resources, mixture motivation and pure electric car, because of its dynamical system and system of conventional motive force differ, the chassis structure of car and truckload quality distributings to also can produce change, this also includes the property of the quantity that use steel and steel among them. New-style power system can use steel with future change is close together and relevant.
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