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Supply a gap of new product of machine of coal of too heavy Shanxi
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Recently, mechanism of coal of too heavy Shanxi builds a company to develop a first diameter successfully 26 × 92 compressed catenary, indicate the product jumped a catenary of this company cirque again new height, this innovation also at the same time fill I save another blank. Compressed catenary is the another new-style product that rolls out on international in recent years, it has chain link height area of low, contact is large, can reduce chain link effectively to wear away to mid chamfer wait for an advantage, make the first selection on high-grade scraper conveyer consequently. Because this product technology asks tall, technology is sophisticated, manufacturer of domestic only minority is at present producible. To satisfy market need, company of Shanxi coal aircraft began the development work of this product 2007. In trial-produce process, accomplished design and development to cooperate closely, introduced the link that make up sheet, solder the punch only link, chain that receive refute, drawing, heat treatment and 2 new-style craft such as drawing, not only quality is reliable, work efficiency also rises greatly.

Current, this company is optimizing craft further, begin a diameter hard 30, diameter 34 compressed catenary development work, make breed of link of high grade chain ceaseless increase and innovate.