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The half moon on October price of rolled steel of 3 gorge city continues to drop
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According to the our city manufacturing data system monitors show: Price of rolled steel of our city of the half moon on October continues to drop, average sale price is 4735 yuan every tons (similarly hereinafter) , with on period photograph compares drop 8.41 % : Among them: 3"*3.75 solders steel tube 5200 yuan every tons, drop the whorl steel of 3.7%; diameter 25mm 4350 yuan; Drop 8.42% ; The wire of common high speed of diametical 6.5mm 4200 yuan, drop 13.4% ; The common medium plate of 6mm 4925 yuan every tons, drop 7.94% ; The hot-rolling of 3mm is common and laminose 5000 yuan, drop 9.09% .

Add downstream fast put delay apparently, rolled steel demand is low fan, it is one of main reasons that cause value of market of near future rolled steel to drop continuously, since the beginning of the year, rise of the raw material price such as iron ore, coke quickly make the manufacturing cost of rolled steel rises considerably. Enter 7, after August, price of iron ore, coke also is entered drop adjust posture. Market of Chinese rolled steel from the price glides quickly since July, the profit space of steelworks is fast and cut, a few small steel mill begin to be close to or achieve deficit margin especially. The stop production of large area besides Olympic Games element, low confused market demand also is main factor. The off-season time that Olympic Games element extended building materials to wait, after the market before this anticipates the Olympic Games ends generally 9, arrival of busy season of consumption of rolled steel of October portion tradition and price of early days steel fall urgently considerably, may drive steel price to pick up blandly continuously, but look now may produce a change, four quarterly steel price of domestic are not hopeful. The element that may create pressure to steel price has: Downstream demand continues low fan, the cycle of industry be issued to lower levels such as estate, car still is in continuously; Of the raw material price such as ore, coke drop to be brought possibly those who send rolled steel price is farther drop.