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Petrifaction completes project of first LNG storage tank in
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A few days ago, company of the 4th construction breaks Tianjin of Chinese petrifaction group successfully foreign technology forestall, finished liquefied natural gas of first large LNG(of domestic) construction of storage tank project.

It is reported, by this company bear the project of project of Guangdong LNG large storage tank that build, cubage of big pot only station is 160 thousand stere, diameter 80 meters, only coal tub is very self-prossessed amount to more than tons 700, it is project of storage tank of the first large LNG of domestic. This project captured coal tub carries gas on the head to blow a top to rise, nickel steel wainscot solders, laid of coal tub motherboard difficult problem of 3 old techniques.

As we have learned, at present international mainstream market already was laid in in what drive a liquefied natural gas actively and use, but long-term since, technology of construction of storage tank of large low temperature is only on the world a few a few enterprise control, domestic bldg. is in this field is main it is blank. Bear after building this project, in petrifaction Tianjin 4 build a company to rely on abundant technical actual strength and experience of old big pot construction, captured inside short time gas is blown namely with difficult problem of the two old techniques end coal tub, the construction organization that its weave designs a file to also get foreign and sufficient affirmation.