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Proper motion of the municipal company that rent develops Taiyuan screed of mach
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Reporter of report from our correspondent made the same score positive way way to transform project spot to see in Taiyuan city on October 9, add the booth shop machine that installed screed to show martial prowess greatly, make road surface spreads out shop width increases greatly not only, and make booth spreads up to mark of flatness, packing, booth spreads quality to rise greatly. Kind screed of booth shop machine fetterses by large scale computer of Taiyuan city municipal head office development of proper motion of the company that rent is successful, since investment was used on September 2, already used Yu Bin river early or late on the west the road such as Yang Lu of peace of road, constant hill road is changed quickly transform a project.

Machine of shop of booth of S2500 of the municipal company that rent purchases Taiyuan 2001, because iron,make the same score cannot go all out symmetrically outfit, cause laid width insufficient, cannot press shop of requirement measure booth, dimension of partial road surface needs artificial shop to scatter. To solve this one difficult problem, leader of the company that rent decides to develop booth to spread machine screed by oneself, label a company the technology tackled key problem 2008 one of main tasks. In development, they captured mainly the technical difficulty of 3 parts: Be structure of screed box shape solder, the 2 designs that are tamper hammer system are made, 3 be other support system make. Booth spreads machine screed to develop a success, for the enterprise managing capital more than yuan 10, more important is, transform quickly for provincial capital road provided strong safeguard, made outstanding contribution.