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Liaoning saves first fatigue to teach class of personnel electric welding to beg
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The reporter is in center of training of obtain employment of work of iron mountain town to understand, first service of iron mountain city teachs personnel solderer skill to groom freely fly a class formally.

As we have learned, groom this the class is by city combination of bureau of labor and social security bureau, town administration of justice is held, by city management board of urban and rural obtain employment, city works and breeding government is undertaken.
The bold that instructs staff in the light of fatigue is versed in skill grooms, be in Tie Ling and even provincial it is to still be belonged to first. 20 first student people the center will train to accept by a definite date in labor obtain employment the skill of two months grooms. Study expires, can file the skill grade letter of department of labor of pass an entrance examination.

Town work and Wang Hongwei of deputy director general of social security bureau introduce to the reporter, the professional mastery of a skill or technique that develops technically in the light of fatigue teaching personnel grooms freely, in the our city groom history going up still is first time. Management board of city urban and rural obtain employment and relevant section leader give height to take seriously to grooming this, adequate preparation was made in respect of manpower, material resources. On the field of outfit nap manage, basis that provides admirable facility, the teacher that still arranges best show gives lessons for its, ensured student people the major that can master a solderer through the study of two months is academic, achieve solder certainly technical requirement, lay next solid foundations to move toward a society to begin the new obtain employment, journey that do poineering work in the future.