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"China is made " to " wisdom go to " upgrade show clue
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"China is made " at present the front is facing the grim challenge that comes from a lot of element such as cost, market and exchange rate. In a lot of in small exporter steps forward dimension difficult when, the elite enterprise that is edge tool with technical innovation partly shows itself, with " Chinese wisdom is built " the market share that enlarges oneself on the international market.

Below the setting that adds fast hasten delay in global economy, these with " wisdom go to " lead company is in wide hand in can go up to shine together beautiful scenery line. Fair of import and export merchandise of the 104th China (wide hand in meeting) on, "China is made " to " Chinese wisdom is built " upgrade to already showed clue.

This second wide hand in major of meeting building materials to exhibit an area inside, jialongji exhibits the Shenzhen swallow that proximate entrance is in roundly conspicuous all the more. Since the day that opens a shop, this business that produces flooring is exhibited before always three-layer of inside and outside is surrounded full the businessman that comes from global each district.

Reporter discovery, after a lot of foreign traders that cross see the product introduction that broadcasts in liquid crystal TV, do not step pace. A salesperson tells a reporter, this is whole exhibit one of the busiest stall inside the house.

Chief of department of floor of wood of Yan Jialong group Yuan bright says, the core product of this company is to use " lock - buckle " means undertakes " DIY " the floor board that means installs. Of this kind of chime in easily " lock - buckle " distinctive technology is his the achievement of own research and development, china is at present only one, the whole world is only also 3 companies are used.

Yuan bright says, 2007, this company should appeal to the United States " 337 " investigation, win committee of American international trade (ITC) cut into parts eventually maintain, this " lock - buckle " the technology belongs to own research and development, not enroach on appeal any square patent. From this later, if the order of the international market flies like snowflake. Product marketing to the whole world 100 many countries are mixed area.

Although people worries the effect that suffers crisis of Euramerican country banking for a time, the fall of apiration of western market consumption and confidence can give many exit enterprise to bring " chill " , but a few sit embrace " edge tool " " wisdom go to " the enterprise did not experience the market to have too big wave motion however.

A piece of table, a few chairs and a few sample, this is Beijing actors or actress Ni Po solders technical limited company is in wide make all property on the meeting. Before prosperous sits leisurely in stall, general manager king can await a client, he tells a reporter, 5 days sessional, can get acquainted with 9 clients to achieve a goal.

Come from the confidence to the product leisurely: Product of electronic electric welder is located in the top end of the market. Its unique part depends on: The agent needs to pass software only the utility of changeable electric welder, satisfy requirement of of all kinds client.
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