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Mechanical manufacturing industry awaits industry get warm again after a cold sp
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The analyst is spent to the attention of mechanical manufacturing industry since a month all the time taller, this week machinery manufacturing industry the 7th when list an analyst to pay close attention to degree of pop chart. Implementation of accumulative total of manufacturing industry of 1-8 month machinery sells production value one hundred and forty billion five hundred and fifty-five million, grow 45.60% compared to the same period, relatively the corresponding period was added last year fast increase 1.8 percent, add fast photograph with 1-7 month than reducing 0.28 percent, the industry is added fast the pattern that maintained perch is small concussion.
Analyst of big negotiable securities expresses, production value of sale of industry of 1-8 month machinery and exit delivery cost are added fast drop continuously, demand of inside and outside is putting delay stage by stage; Mechanical 5 big child gain of industry 1-8 month is added fast with 1-5 month photograph comparing drops range is bigger, exceed profit of company of industry of countrywide dimensions above far drop extent, accordingly, appear on the market the circumstance of 3 quarterly reports of company won't be hopeful, industry profit adds four quarters machine fast or will small slow down. Of mechanical industry inside need short-term inside still will continue exhausted condition, environmental aggravation needs to anticipate the possibility more than outside. Because this looks into four quarters, mechanical trade demand and gain ability still face pressure, predicting profit is added fast will small glide, true get warm again after a cold spell still wants the trade wait to come 2009, manage an industry " neuter " investment grade. At present inside the industry a few high grade appear on the market the appraise value of the company has been in inferior level, the proposal is added hold these outstanding achievement to grow determinism stronger underestimate value stock. Weigh drop industry to analyse: Be defeated change electric equipment child the profession will persist boom; Machine tool tool child become divided of industry product requirement is serious; The engineering is mechanical child trade demand pressure is increased.
Analyst of Great Wall negotiable securities thinks, future the strong fast fall after a rise as rolled steel price, the four seasons spends the cost pressure hopeful of mechanical manufacturing industry to get alleviating, the wool interest rate of partial enterprise as rolled steel price drop will pick up somewhat, mechanical manufacturing industry may be greeted in four quarters rebound opportunity. But below the trend that glides in bearing of whole economy condition, the mechanical manufacturing industry that serves as periodic industry has greater opportunity hard, accordingly, manage an industry " neuter " grade. Invest politic respect, from downstream demand determinism and appraise value two respects choose, choose downstream demand relatively clear a risk that avoids industry boom spends be issued to lower levels back and forth. Key attention is in the heavy-duty machine tool with hand more order kind enterprise, the entrance replaces the grab in the process kind enterprise and the automobile crane that accord with course of study of heavy chemical industry to turn development tide kind the enterprise. Integrated demand and appraise are worth the consideration of two respects, heavy division of the couplet in recommending, Liu Gong, Qin Chuan develops and east the company such as force drive.
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