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Suzhou fine horse is vacated hair solder equipment limited company
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Suzhou fine horse is vacated hair is automatic solder equipment limited company held water 1995, it is scientific research of a market, development, make, resistance welding machine reachs the whole set that the sale is an organic whole to solder automatically the company of new and high technology of special device. Our product if: Electric illuminant is special and automatic wire of machine of spot welding of direct current source of welder, inversion, inversion, platoon is special wire of welder, horn is special rotor of motor of welder of welder, hot pressing, mobile phone is special welder, enamel-insulated wire is special welder, stick an inductance to solder down-lead of private plane, capacitance is special; And according to your requirement production goes out all sorts of solder automatically private plane, welcome to call wholeheartedly seek advice. Lighting source industry: Copper (copper includes steel) , nickel of Du Mei, iron (silk, lever) electrode of lever of canal of many nickel, nickel, constantan, tungsten, molybdenum lever, stainless steel, cup solder automatically. Electronic industry: Nonferrous metal and the nicety of precious heavy metal join; Be like: Terminal of the electronic component such as of all kinds capacitor, electrical micro-machine and enamel-insulated wire, receive insert cable of component, batteries, photoelectricity, wire, piezocrystal. . . . . .

Suzhou fine horse is vacated hair solder equipment limited company

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