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Limited company of equipment of Dongguan city Fu Sen industry
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Hill not demit earth, reason can become his tall; The sea not demit water, reason can become his deep! Whether is such problem —- come up against after is your mould handled local anneal, be out of shape, craze, pinhole, stomatic, hit a limit or is adhesion insufficient? Your cast whether can appear sand holes, stomatic, shrinkage cavity, loose or Where is crackle? The chance of cold welding of equipment Fu Sen that asks you to understand us. We can help you solve above all problems that encounter! Use international technology of banner cold welding, cast through be being reached to the mould undertake notting have heating up v, in order to assure the in good condition sex of the workpiece such as the mould, also can use aggrandizement function to undertake to the mould aggrandizement is handled, the wearability that will realize a mould, hear resistance, be able to bear or endure corrode sex is waited a moment. Stay please see Www.fussen.cn understand more and relevant data. Exact pattern repairs cold welding plane (metallic blemish repairs cold welding plane, cast blemish to repair cold welding plane) equipment characteristic: 1. The operation is simple, one machine is multi-purpose, besides v rehabilitate function, still can undertake the aggrandizement of coating of hard gold surface such as carbonization tungsten. 2. Adherence of argon gas protection is good, frit receives strength tall, metallurgy is united in wedlock, after filling material and matrix fuse at the same time again caky, union is firm, compact, do not fall off 3. Low heat is inputted, normal temperature solder fills, matrix is not calorific, metallographic organization is changeless near solder filling dot, stress-free, flawless, without phenomenon of hard spot sclerosis, do not affect machining performance. 4. Electrode origin is wide, economy is practical, but online repair. 5. Rotate type from v of caustic electrode deposit, the operation is apt, work efficiency is tall. 6. Environmental protection sex, any pollution are not had in working process. Arise without evil spirit, can take over continuously grasp, the eye is inspected, solder accurate, solder filling place is little, amount of the nap after solder is small 7. The iteration that solder filling process is filling dot of high frequency solder is fused pile up, no matter blemish size, the place that if nib can be touched,reachs only can repair 8. Pure metal is repaired, without solder filling trace, solder filling effect satisfies Fu Sen of qualitative check standard cold welder suitable scope is wide, can be opposite nonferrous metal (like copper, aluminous, magnesian, titanium) , black metal (iron) , and almost body of all metallic electric conduction, can have repair, aggrandizement Fu Sen, make metallic finishing with all one's strength the effort with old course of machine of cold welding of card of Fu Sen of the first brand, ceaseless innovation enterprising, there was new breakthrough in shipping rehabilitate domain eventually, broke a foreign country the block of advanced rehabilitate technology, for manufactory of numerous boats and ships, repair a factory to bring tremendous benefit. Successful example: Zhan Jiang some dockyard, shanghai some shipping repairs a factory, guangzhou some shipping repairs a factory, some shipping maintains Jiangsu factory, shanghai some dockyard is waited a moment. Machine of cold welding of Fu Sen card repairs material to pledge: Mild steel, medium carbon steel, high-carbon steel, mould steel, tool steel, stainless steel, casting pig, nodular cast iron, casting copper, casting aluminium, copper alloy, aluminium alloy, nickel alloy, carbolic tungsten alloy, and everything but electric product. Machine of cold welding of Fu Sen card repairs a type: The sand holes in all electric metals, stomatic, shrinkage cavity, crackle, collapse horn, bite an edge, wear away, corrode, treatment out of tolerance, can pile in steely surface answer copper alloy.
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