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Gram of Dongguan Si Di is antistatic machine facility plant
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Gram of Dongguan Si Di is antistatic machine facility plant held water 1999, major is engaged in removing electrostatic equipment, antistatic, seek advice without the development that series product waits for between dirt, production, sale, technology reach a service the company of new and high technology at an organic whole. Company assemble personnel of a batch of professional technologies offers the introduction that removes electrostatic series product, technology to seek advice for the client, the design that purifies plan and engineering construction. Main product has: Table ion fan, horizontal ion fan, fan of overhead suspension ion, ionic wind gun, ionic wind mouth, ionic wind is strong, ionic wind snake, ionic wind is roused, electrostatic instrument, exterior resistor instrument, the product such as instrument appearance. Expand of dimensions ceaselessly as the company, we are developed again and acted as agent of other type antistatic product, purify room things, formed a collect to remove electrostatic equipment, antistatic things of the product, room that do not have dirt, air filters to the product is produced and be sold at an organic whole omnibus antistatic high-tech enterprise. My department still regards American SIMCO deputize as business, acting product: Have ion of gun of ionic wind of gun of SIMCO HBA ionic wind, SIMCO Top Gun, SIMCO PC generator of high pressure of mouth of ionic fan of fan, SIMCO XC, SIMCO H ionic wind, SIMCO HA-4, SIMCO AS-20 is ionic wind beat, SIMCO FMX-003 is electrostatic field instrument. Company line of the products is all ready, cover a range wide, use extensively already at LED, LCD, LCM, electron, microelectronics, the high-tech such as outfit of medicine, biology, besmear, telescope is most advanced domain. The company owns line of business of domestic person of the same trade the most advanced production facilities and detect equipment, the product is Fuji electron of health group, sea Er group, MOTOROLA, SamSung, Suo Ni, day stands, well-known company place agrees with the international such as 3 water chestnut and a large number of use, already made the famous brand that divides electrostatic equipment market, suffer client praise highly fully. Our tenet is: It is motivation with research and development, it is a foundation with the technology, it is basic principle with quality, the product that deepens research and development to offer cheap of qualitative actor, price for the market ceaselessly serves with what perfect! If have need, greeting incoming telegram hangs down ask!

Gram of Dongguan Si Di is antistatic machine facility plant

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