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Material of Xin 華 鋼 (Hong Kong) limited company
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Material of Xin 華 鋼 (Hong Kong) limited company is by 運 of sea flourishing 達 content flows (place of H.k) limited company accuses material of 屬 of gold of ground of a 內 is large 業 of look forward to, company 創 stands at 1998 gold of 註 冊 資 2300 harbor 幣 , it is the 進 mouth with the oldest standard of 規 of 區 of the ground austral 華 (馬, 奧, 鐵) family name 體 not 鏽 鋼 , especially big exceed thick alloy 鋁 for one of 貨 business stock 貨 source fills 達 content to shed direct 進 mouth to match 運 ¨ to taste 質 to protect 証 by Hong Kong. Company advocate 營 approves business of 廠 of brand of mouth of 發 retail 進 to have: Japanese SUS series not 銹 鋼 : &Rdquo; god 戶 makes NSSC” of 鐵 of DAIDO” of Great Harmony of 鋼 KOBELCO” , ” , new day, series of North America SST fragrance can show 樂 not 銹 鋼 , dark of heart 國 the base of a fruit overcomes 虜 uncle not 銹 鋼 , DOOSAN of hill of 韓 國 鬥 not 銹 鋼 , the 鋼 in 臺 灣 , 長 period 庫 puts 規 case to have plank, strong capable person, roll material of 鋼 of 鋼 of material of club of material, flat 條, 6 horn, 線 , horn, chamfer, canal, square canal (exterior BA/8K/2B pulls 絲 board, deep 沖 board and grind arenaceous board) etc, alloy of 進 mouth 鋁: 羅 of NLM of 屬 of gold of 輕 of NOVELIS of 國 of 绹 鳤 LCOA, 韓, Japan, Russia this case exceeds a series of 規 such as 鋁 of KAMENSK 軍 labour alloy of 鋁 of 標 of blame of case of thick especially big 規 and 銅 of 鈹 of North America BRUSH WELLMAN, 鎢 銅 , 銅 of 紅 of 純 of solution of 電 of SABAO of 銅 of Japanese NGK 鈹 , Japan choose for everybody. The 鎮 of 華 of Shenzhen city 龍 with convenient traffic of 處 of open department ground, shenzhen 設 established type of 儲 of much 個 倉 to divide 銷 點 (material of 鋼 of 華 of Shenzhen city Xin limited company is one of branches) . From 設 generation of 5300 square metre 現 convert 廠 house, on the world before 擁 has eye most first the Germany with the most accurate 進 (on the west 門 child) 儀 of analysis of straight 讀 smooth 譜 implement the 員 that with a humanitarian management department 統 is changed is versed in 戶 of new old customer offers 隊 five 為 more perfect take 務 , open department holds water oneself with 來 , carry out management of ¨5s¨ division 學 all the time, 並 measures administrative 體 to fasten 認 証 with connecting 質 of 際 of 過 Iso9001-2000 國 , company only then the first 質 measures 譽 of letter of ¨ of 終 貫 徹 tenet of 為 of the first ¨ , the accord that 贏 gets guest 戶 and person of the same trade is good 評, hope can 耤 is tasted at the 產 of beauty of 價 cheap content (surface of 進 mouth material imprints former Home 廠 prevents 偽 條 碼) can offer material 質 證 bright / the SGS 報 that 歐 continent 環 protects 標 準 ROHS to dictate is accused / 報 of mouth of sea 關 進 accuses 單 . 與 guest 戶 establishs mutual trust, the 長 that collective 發 exhibits period muching companion 關 is, with 時 歡 觀 of 參 of the 來 before the department that greet 貴 points to 導 ! ! ! ….
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