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Shanghai is general in Shen Xin complete of plant the end of the year is produce

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Produce 35 hourly truckload, produce per year can will achieve 200 thousand. On October 15, reporter from big east the area understands, shanghai general north is filled 2 period new plant will nowadays annual bottom is comprehensive complete, will become the car with the oldest Shenyang to produce base at the appointed time.

   Comprehensive complete produces per year the end of the year 200 thousand

Build a factory to include workshop of automobile body, paint, general assembly, bodywork allocation center, truckload storehouse of shipment field, content shedding brand-new production establishment, have two platform the productivity of a variety of car body. All amount to the world in the respect such as production technology, craft top-ranking, will stand side by side with the United States, Korea consequently, make general motors whole world compact model one of base of 3 big production of platform car, also will be one of factories with domestic at present highest yield per unit.

Current, north fills a car to have stuff 1750 people, among them employee of Shenyang this locality was occupied 97% , after new plant builds, will create post of 5000 obtain employment again for Shenyang. Besides, still will drive Shenyang of settle of car component supplier, at present already 13 fill a car to provide component form a complete set for north.

   More than 100 robots participate in a car to produce

Be in 2 period workshop of new plant automobile body, the reporter sees, robot of a stage is performing one act here " robot general mobilization " picture, arm of a machine grabs armor plate shop is put reach the designated position, another " arm " extend immediately come over to undertake laser solders, movement very essence of life reachs the designated position definitely. According to introducing, the automobile body workshop of new plant is one of production workshops with domestic automation top rate, share 105 machines ginseng and production, and these robots are by the world-renowned automation technology such as ABB, Xi Menzi the company is offerred entirely.

In workshop of water dissolve lacquer, 24 robots are undertaking spray is operated, employee criterion undertakes monitoring in the environment of safe health. Use the besmear of the most advanced green environmental protection on international to install technology, use water-solubility paint entirely, this also is northeast the paint workshop that 3 provinces use technology of this green environmental protection exclusively. General assembly workshop installs a line to be used first eventually turn slide, improved operation man-machine project, raised dimensional utilization rate, advanced screw automatically return unit, raised automation rate.

   3 big truckload factory area enlarge one times

Big east the area connects above north to fill, Ma San of cup of Hua Chen gold, Hua Chenbao is big truckload the factory is core, make " Shenyang car city " , build division of core of Liaoning automobile industry. Develop according to whole of industry of whole town automobile, inside area 3 big truckload the factory spreads out new round of extend. This year, face a car to produce the effect that sells wave motion, big east the area accelerates car city building to set, had done 3 big truckload the enlarge of the factory is produced, around 3 big truckload the extend requirement of the factory, finished what land commandeer and early days plan to make, make 3 big truckload the area of the factory enlarges one times above.

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