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Laser beam welding receives principle and application

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Laser beam welding receives one of important facets that are application of processing technique of material of laser beam machining. 70 time basically are used at soldering thin wall material and low speed solder, solder the process belongs to heat to conduct model, stimulate ray radiation to heat namely workpiece surface, exterior quantity of heat conducts inward ministry to diffuse through heat, power of the width that passes control laser pulse, energy, peak value and repeat the parameter such as frequency, make workpiece fused, form specific bath. Because laser solders as a kind of high quality, high accuracy, low be out of shape, efficient solder with what high speed spends method, solder as the YAG laser of high power CO2 and high power and the molybdenum of perfect, metal of fiber-optic transmission technology get together bundle of field lens the development that wait is successful, make its are made in machinery, the application of the domain such as industry of microelectronics of medicine of aerospace, auto industry, pulverous metallurgy, biology is wider and wider.

Current research basically is centered at the theory when C02 laser and YAG laser beam welding receive all sorts of metal data, those who include the plasma that laser causes is prismatic, absorb, scattering character and laser beam welding receive intelligence to change control, compound solder, laser beam welding receives phenomenon and alveolus behavior, weld defects happening mechanism and prevent a method to wait, right the weldability of alloy of nickel radical heat-resisting, aluminium alloy and magnesium alloy, solder the phenomenon builds model and numeric imitate, the join of copper, aluminium alloy and steely material, heterogeneous material, the respect such as assessment of laser connect performance did certain research [1] .

Laser beam welding accepts a principle:

Laser beam welding is received is the laser high strenth bundle radiation comes metallic surface, pass the interaction of laser and metal, after the metal absorbs heat energy of laser translate into to make a metal fused, cooling crystallization is formed solder. Graph 1 show what leave fused course in different radiation power density to evolve into level [2] , the mechanism that laser beam welding receives has two kinds:

1, heat is conducted solder to be when laser illuminate when material surface, one part laser is reflexed, one part is absorbed by material, heat heat energy of light energy translate into fused, the heat of material surface layer continues with heating up conducted pattern to deliver in material, receive two weldment frit together finally.

2, laser deep fusion welding is compared when power density stimulate illuminate of beam of light greatly to arrive when material surface, material draws heat energy of light energy translate into, material is heated to fuse to vaporization, produce much metallic steam, below the counterforce that arises when vapour exits the surface, the metallic liquid that makes fuse to all around elbow out, form indentation, as laser continuity illuminate, indentation is worn the person is deeper, after laser stops illuminate, the frit fluid circumfluence of indentation periphery, solder two weldment after refrigeration is caky in, case.

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