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Stainless steel solders point and note

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1. uses the power source of perpendicular external characteristic, positive electrode sex is used when dc (welding wire receives negative pole)

2. agrees with commonly solder laminosely under 6mm, have welding line to shape beautiful, solder the characteristic with small deflection

3. protects gas to be argon gas, purity is 99.99% . Should solder when electric current is 50~150A, argon throughput is 8~10L/min, when electric current is 150~250A, argon throughput is 12~15L/min.

4. tungsten extremely the length that highlights from aeriform nozzle, it is beautiful with 4~5mm, , be in the horny solder place that obstructs sexual difference is 2~3mm, be in the place with dark chamfer is 5~6mm, nozzle does not exceed 15mm commonly to working distance.

5. enrages Kong Zhi to appear to prevent to solder, solder if place has ferruginous, smeary wait to clear clean without fail.

6. solders electric arc length, solder when common steel, it is beautiful with 2~4mm, and solder when stainless steel, it is beautiful with 1~3mm, grow to protect the effect too bad.

When render of 7. butt joint, the reverse side that to prevent rock-bottom solder is oxidized, the reverse side also needs to carry out aeriform protection.

8. solders to make argon gas is protected well bath, and facilitate the operation that apply solder, line of tungsten pole center and weld workpiece should hold 80~85 ° part commonly, fill welding wire and workpiece surface included angle should as far as possible small, it is 10 ° left and right sides commonly.

9. the root of fangfeng and take a breath. Have the place of wind, wu takes the step that blocks a network please, and should take step of proper take a breath indoors.

Point of solder of stainless steel MIG reachs a note

1. uses smooth character to solder power source, reversal sex is used when dc (welding wire receives positive electrode)

2. uses pure argon to enrage commonly (purity is 99.99% ) or Ar 2%O2, discharge with 20~25L/min advisable.

Length of 3. electric arc, the MIG of stainless steel solders, come down to apply solder in the condition of spray transfer commonly, voltage should adjust arc length to be in the degree of 4~6mm.

4. the root of fangfeng. MIG solders to get easily the influence of wind, sometimes gentle breeze and generation is stomatic, so wind speed is in the place of 0.5m/sec above, ought to take windbreak step.

Welding wire of core of stainless steel medicine solders point and note

1. uses smooth character to solder power source, reversal sex is used when dc solders. Use general CO2 welder to be able to apply solder, but the pressure that sends filar annulus moves a pine a bit please.

2. protects gas to be carbon dioxide gas commonly, aeriform discharge with 20~25L/min more appropriate.

The distance between 3. solder mouth and workpiece with 15~25mm advisable.

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