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Metallurgy rolled steel kind encyclopedia of commonly used English

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Aluminium alloy of Aluminium Alloy of steel of tool of alloy of Alloy Tool Steel steelSteel of carbon of dip of Blister Steel of alloy of Bearing Alloy bearingSteel of tool of element of carbon of Carbon Tool Steel of armor plate of corrosion protection of heart of state of Bonderized Steel SheetClad Sheet is used by model of cold forging of doubling plate Clod Work Die Steel steelQuiet pressure of molten iron of steel of arenaceous Ferrostatic Pressure of Emery Jin GangForging Die Steel forgings the model uses iron plate of galvanization of steel Galvanized Steel SheetHard Alloy Steel exceeds high speed of High Speed Tool Steel of hard alloy steel to spend tool steelHot Work Die Steel heats up forging die to use steel of special tool of steel Low Alloy Tool SteelHeat treatment of high strength of body of type of horse of Marging Steel of cast steel of low manganese of Low Manganese Casting Steel steelMartrix Alloy Matelisi cast steel of Mi Hanna of alloy Meehanite Cast IronRolled steel of carry out of city of Merchant Iron of iron of accept of Meehanite Metal MihanMolybdenum of Molybdenum High Speed Steel fastens molybdenum steel of high-speed steel Molybdenum SteelPrehardened Steel of chromium steel of nickel of Nickel Chromium Steel carries hard steel on the headStainless steel of Stainless Steel of armor plate of silicon of Silicon Steel SheetCopper of pliable but strong of Tough Pitch Copper of iron plate of tin-plating of Tin Plated Steel SheetTroostite spits bead to come loose steel of iron Tungsten SteelArmor plate of cover of plastic Fu of Vinyl Tapped Steel Sheet

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