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Laser beam welding receives ultimatum
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, laser fundamental

1, LASER is what meaning

Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission Of Radiation(is passed revulsive give off amplitude of implementation light energy) English begin letter

2, the principle that laser produces

Laser -- " suffer stimulate radiation to magnify " it is to pass laser of strong smooth illuminate to produce medium, make electron of medium interior atomic achieves energy, suffer stimulate and make the electron moves orbit happening is migratory, turn into by feebleminded condition high-energy condition. Be in the atom of excitation state, get outside radiate response, the atomic transition that makes be in excitation state arrives feebleminded condition, give out a bundle of light at the same time; This bundle of light is in the respect such as way of frequency, phasic, transmission, polarization and incident light are completely consistent, right now light stimulates radiation light to suffer.

To get the laser of high energy density, tall directivity, must want to have close syntonic antrum of the light, make watch beam of light to produce medium in park laser between the illuminator of two side oscillation of move back and forth, heighten light intensity then, what raise light at the same time is directional. Contain neodymium (the laser that the YAG of ND) writtens guarantee crystal happens is the wavelengh that a kind of person disappears soon the close infra-red light that is 1.064um. This kind of beam of light is in suffer faintly arouse a circumstance, also can realize successive hair brace up. YAG crystal is the abbreviation of lapidary yttric aluminous garnet, have exceedingly good optical character, it is first-rate laser hair brace up the crystal that use a form.

3, the main strong point of laser

Sex of A, monochromatic -- laser is not already a lot of different light mix what close and become, it is the purest odd shade (wavelengh, frequency)

B, directional -- laser transmission time base does not diffuse outwards originally.

C, coherence -- a photograph of laser (wave crest and trough) have the law very much, coherence is good.

Output power D, high -- after using lenticular focusing laser, gets energy density is a few hundredfold of sun's rays.

2, YAG laser solders

Laser beam welding is received is to use laser bundle exceedingly good directional with expensive work the characteristic such as density has the job. Through optics the system will stimulate focusing of beam of light to be inside very small area, make be in to form the heat source division that an energy height centers by solder inside cutty time, make be fused by solder content and form firm solder dot and welding line thereby.

Commonly used laser beam welding receives means to have two kinds: Pulse laser beam welding and successive laser beam welding. Former and main use at only place to secure mix continuously thin of a material solder. Latter basically uses Yu Dahou solder and cut.
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