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Laser solders
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, the major attribute that laser beam welding receives

Laser beam welding receives one of important facets that are application of laser material processing technique. 70 time basically use 20 centuries at soldering thin wall material and low speed solder, solder the process belongs to heat to conduct model, stimulate ray radiation to heat namely workpiece surface, exterior quantity of heat conducts inward ministry to diffuse through heat, power of the width that passes control laser pulse, energy, peak value and repeat the parameter such as frequency, make workpiece fused, form specific bath. As a result of its distinct advantage, in applying the nicety of Yu Wei, small-sized spare parts successfully already to solder.

High power CO2 reachs the occurrence of laser of high power YAG, open up the new field that laser beam welding receives. Obtained the deep fusion welding that is theoretical foundation with keyhole effect to receive, increasingly wide application was won in the industrial domain such as mechanical, car, iron and steel.

Solder with other technical photograph is compared, the main good point that laser beam welding receives is:

1, speed fast, deepness is big, be out of shape small.

2, can undertake soldering below room temperature or special condition, solder equipment unit is simple. For example, laser traverses electromagnetism field, beam of light won't deflection; Laser is planted in vacuum, air and some solder all can be applied in gas atmosphere, can pass glass or undertake soldering to the material with transparent beam of light.

3, can solder difficult frit material is like titanium, quartz to wait, can apply solder to opposite sex material, the result is favorable.

4, after laser focusing, power density is high, when high power parts of an apparatus solders, deep wide Bikeda 5: 1, highest can amount to 10: 1.

5, can undertake miniature solders. Very small facula can be obtained after stimulating focusing of classics of beam of light, and can exact location, in the group solder of the small, small-sized work that applicable produces at big batch automation.

6, the place that can solder to be close to hard, applying blame contact is remote solder, have very big flexibility. Especially in last few years, fiber-optic transmission technology was used in technology of YAG laser beam machining, make laser beam welding received a technology to win more extensive promotion and application.

7, stimulate beam of light of easy implementation of beam of light to press time and space prismatic, can undertake much beam of light is machined at the same time reach multitask treatment, for more accurate solder offerred a condition.

But, laser beam welding receives the limitation with also existing certain:

1, requirement weldment assembles precision tall, and requirement beam of light cannot have remarkable deflection in the position on workpiece. Because,this is rain of feet of spot of laser focusing gloriole inch small, welding line is narrow, to add fill metal stuff. If workpiece assembles precision or requirement of short of of precision of fixed position of beam of light, cause very easily solder be short of regret.
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