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Improve quality of tool of our country diamond from craft proceed with
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Material of total output of material of our country stone, stone exports quantity and stone material wastage to all reach world first place: Material having rock processes a business many 20 thousand, from personnel of course of study nearly 5 million, produce per year stone 6 million stere, produce per year plank 120 million square metre, year achieve production value to exceed 80 billion yuan, have advanced product line many 500, amount of imports and exports exceeds 1.2 billion dollar, make a magic figures drawn by Taoist priests to invoke or expel spirits and bring good or ill fortune actually Shi Caisheng produces big country.

Our country is in although afore-mentioned a few respects already crossed big country cavalcade, but still not be powerful nation. As global economic integration, our country enters WTO, how to make our country becomes the power that produces diamond tool, this is a when be placed before our country person of the same trade main task. The practice according to us and make an on-the-spot investigation, raise the question of quality of tool of our country diamond only, offer a few views.

1. Produce the high strenth diamond with offer batch to produce function stability, thick grain, thermal stability good for diamond tool

The grade quality of diamond, granuality and chroma have conclusive effect to King Kong manson. Our country synthesizes a respect in diamond, craft of excel in of 6 very small tonnage already hasten is mature, craft of big housing of 6 very big tonnage is ceaseless and perfect, two sides top synthesizes diamond to also take shape, production of raw material of block of element of pulverous accelerant synthesis, carbon, leaf dried meat is ceaseless and perfect. Because this is aimed at tool of our country diamond to make, the excel in diamond with stability of batch synthesis function, thick grain, can good thermal stability is completely likely. Diamond company of abroad, divide outside rolling out series of SDA, SDB, DSN, MBS, ISD, deBeers is aimed at a country the market rolls out diamond of BKI, BK30, BK60, BK70, korea day rolls out diamond of series of SDS of 6 tops complex into the company, be worth our country person of the same trade to draw lessons from.

2. Use strong carbide to form an element, increase diamond hold

Raise diamond to curium a crucial factor of a cut efficiency and life is to raise carcass the hold to diamond. Carcass has good hold to diamond, diamond won't fall off prematurely, have the greatest bulgy height, benefit of cut Shi Feng, efficiency is tall.

3. Use super- fine powder and beforehand alloy changes powder

Producing special curium a short while, appropriate is used super- fine metal powder and beforehand alloy changes powder. Metallic powder is refined be helpful for dropping firing temperature, raise hardness. Use beforehand alloy changes powder, can prevent metal of low melting point premature prediction of a person's luck in a given year and slant analyse, the stretch limit that is helpful for agglomeration goods and succumb intensity, increase the hold to diamond, still can reduce firing temperature and heat preservation time. Place of stuff of metallurgy of place of place of stuff of our country Shanghai, crystal of Peking Man labour, Changsha and south place of smelt metal of labour big pink did a large number of works in this respect. Korea is being produced high-grade curium a short while, use BASF extensively, UM, INCO, fum- Tungstene, of the company such as Kennametal exceed fine powder and beforehand alloyed powder end.
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