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The craft parameter that laser beam welding receives
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1, power density.

Power density is one of the most crucial parameter in laser beam machining. Use higher power density, inside limits of small second time, surface layer can heat to boiling point, produce a large number of vaporization. Accordingly, high power density is machined to material purify, if stiletto, cut, sculpture is advantageous. To inferior power density, surface layer temperature achieves boiling point to need to experience several millisecond, before surface layer vaporization, ground floor reachs melting point, easy form good melt to solder. Accordingly, in conduct model laser beam welding is received in, power density is in in limits 104~106W/cm2.

2, laser pulse is undee.

Laser pulse weaveform solders in laser in it is a serious problem, it is more important to solder to chip especially. Stimulate beam of light to shoot when high strenth to material surface, the laser energy that metallic surface will have 60~98% is reflexed and the loss is dropped, and reflectivity changes along with exterior temperature. During action of pulse of a laser inside, the change of metallic reflectivity is very big.

3, laser pulse width.

Arteries and veins is wide it is one of important parameter that pulse laser solders, its since distinguishs the important parameter that fuses at material purify and material, also be the crucial parameter that decides to process facility cost and volume.

4, leave anxious quantity right to solder the influence of quality.

Laser solders to need to leave certainly normally anxious, the power density that manages facula center because of laser focus is exorbitant, evaporate easily aperture. On each plane that leaves laser central issue, power density distributings relatively even.

Have two kinds from anxious means: Leaving anxious with negative from anxious. Anxious plane is located in workpiece upper part to be leaving anxious, leave to lose conversely anxious. Press geometrical optics theory, should losing from make an issue of one equal when, density of the power on place correspondence plane is approximate and identical, but the bath figure that wins actually is different. Lose from Jiao Shi, can obtain bigger frit deep, the formation of this and bath the process is concerned. The experiment makes clear, laser heats 50~200us material begins to fuse, form fluid photograph metal and appear vaporization asking cent, form city to press vapour, and with extremely tall speed eject, give out dazzling Bai Guang. Meanwhile, system of high concentration steam makes campaign of fluid photograph metal comes bath brim, form in bath center cave. Should lose from Jiao Shi, density of material interior power is higher than the surface, easy form stronger fused, vaporization, make light energy to material more in deliver. In applying actually so, should ask frit is deep bigger when, use negative from anxious; Solder when weak data, appropriate is used leaving anxious.

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