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Laser selects solder technology
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The spot welding means that in be being produced at present, uses is resistor spot welding mostly, it realizes automation and mechanization easily, manufacturing efficiency is tall. But also put in a lot of problems, it is difficult that for instance nondestructive detects, contact intensity is low. As all sorts of soldering the ceaseless generation of means and development, spot welding means also presents diversification. Had applied at production at present resistor spot welding, electric arc spot welding, laser spot welding and adhesive bonding spot welding wait for a variety of spot welding methods.

Laser spot welding regards a kind of new spot welding as means, with traditional resistor spot welding photograph comparing has its peculiar advantage. Because use laser to make heat source, spot welding speed fast, precision is tall, hot input amount is small, workpiece is out of shape small; The accessibility of laser is better, can reduce the restriction on the position when spot welding and structure; Laser spot welding is belonged to solder without the contact, the distance between solder dot, take the adjusting range that receives the parameter such as the quantity big; Do not need many auxiliary facilities, can faster get used to product change, satisfy market demand. The characteristic of the high accuracy that place of laser spot welding has, Gao Rou sex makes its are being produced actually, the craft such as traditional resistor spot welding and riveting can be replaced in the application of aviation industry especially. In the group solder of the small cell that stimulates spot solder technology to apply in big batch automation to produce more at present, the pulse laser that uses high frequency rate, low power, area of hot effect of earning solder aspect is small, solder nods free from contamination, solder quality is high.

Laser beam welding orders an analysis:

Laser beam welding nods exterior existence metal to pile up, solder nods a center to present the stay of different level, basically backfill produces this. When laser power reachs fair value, the liquid state metal in bath evaporates quickly form spoon hole, produce a reactive power, push liquid state metal to the brim of bath, accumulation is all round solder dot. When laser suspends action, the metal evaporates no longer, turn over brunt to disappear, the metal of accumulation fills spoon hole again below gravitational action, liquid state metal is cooling and caky at the same time. If the metal is in,the circumstance that does not have aperture of complete backfill spoon falls caky, can nod the surface to form stay in solder. to successive solder, because stimulate smooth spot welding to heat time is short, cooling and caky rate of the metal is very rapid, stay phenomenon is so more apparent. Additional, in the loss that there still is a metal in spot welding process, because the metal when laser spot welding evaporates quickly,this kind of loss is on one hand, the recoil that is the generation when the metal evaporates on the other hand presses what force creates a metal to splatter. In not frit appears the solder below the circumstance to nod the surface to all do not have stay phenomenon, and the impact with power profound to frit change is bigger. Solder nods complete frit to appear, right now the surface appears apparent stay, the exterior center that chooses in solder even forms indentation, laser power is greater, indentation phenomenon is more apparent. Stomatic phenomenon should appear a circumstance to fall than frit apparent. Stomatic position appears around fusion face commonly, this may be as a result of the bath when laser power is lesser churn not quite acuteness, the bleb in bath cannot very sharp rise, form air hole thereby.
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