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Inferior dry type deep aperture processes cutting tool technique
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1 foreword

Deep aperture treatment is the difficulty in machining content of bigger, technology is taller, professional a kind of aperture with stronger, higher finished cost processing technique. In deep aperture treatment, to achieve a bits and the goal of cooling, lubricant cutting tool, normally need uses many cutting liquid (if special deep Kong Qie cuts fluid or engine oil) , use especially inside the deep aperture of medium, big diameter that discharges broach of bits deep aperture is machined (D ≥ 30mm) is right the wastage of cutting fluid is quite big (basically be cut bits takes away) , this can be versed in to adding the place causes bigger pollution not only, still browbeat those who operate personnel is healthy, the processing that takes oil to cut bits at the same time can increase production again cost and cause environmental pollution. According to not complete count, in deep aperture treatment, the 15% ~ that the relevant charge of cutting fluid holds treatment totle drilling cost 20% . Accordingly, of the treatment doing type that comes true not to use cutting liquid or fluid of use minim cutting inferior treatment doing type is deep aperture the significant progress direction of processing technique and research task.

2 inferior dry type deep aperture processes a system

Cut the characteristic of treatment according to deep Kong Zuan, use cutting of completely dry type (do not use cutting liquid completely namely) treatment means is in actual production general very difficult implementation. Because deep Kong Zuan cuts treatment to be machined unlike common turning, milling, it is to be in close undertake below the state, the cutting quantity of heat that unit time place produces is big, the passage that discharge bits is long, cut bits and heat in metal cutting not easy and seasonable eduction; In addition, cutting tool is support directs in deep aperture treatment a centering that finish and oriented action, oriented piece with because be contacted for long,meet between hole wall squash and produce bigger clash, and cutting fluid (cutting is oily) can be in oriented piece with an oily film is formed between hole wall, rise to lubricate with anti-friction action, if do not have oily film, oriented piece very will fast be worn away and tear off, cause cutting vibration thereby or hit a knife. Accordingly, choose to use a few cutting liquid inferior the actual condition that means of dry type cutting fits deep Kong Jia to be versed in quite.

Use inferior program of treatment of dry type cutting basically is to use compress air to undertake discharging bits and refrigeration, fluid of use pulverization cutting undertakes lubricating, its treatment system is main by inside the composition such as mixture shower nozzle of fluid of compressor of drilling machine of platoon bits deep aperture, air, atomizer, gas, its work flow is: Air compressor carries sacrificial vessel to have constant pressure (the air of 0.6MPa) of about 0.5 ~ , in exit cent is two, the cutting fluid that gives certain amount through atomizer belt all the way among them forms steam fluid mixture, air encountering is compressed with another in shower nozzle place, when steam fluid mixture carries sprinkler head, be quickened and in the cavity to the device that take energy of life ejective, form fluid of cutting of pulverization of high pressure, high-speed, the passageway between the wall outside passing drill pipe finally and hole wall is conveyed the cutting position of broach, cooling, lubricant cutting tool will cut bits to be blown backward from drill pipe interior.
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