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The character of magnesium alloy
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In coequal tigidity the condition falls, the stable rate of quid magnesium is equal the aluminium at 1.8 pounds and the steel of 2.1 pounds. In the meantime, magnesium can make a with the part with likewise complex aluminium weight latterer light 1/3. Afore-mentioned character to a few more contemporary carrying kind of product is crucial. And to car, this one character will reduce his to start significantly inertial, save specific fuel consumption.

Performance suction shock is high -- magnesium has wonderful sluggish to play function suction shock (Absorb Energy Anelastically) , can absorb vibration and noise, this to using as equipment housing reduces noise to deliver, and offer prevent concussion and prevent cave attaint is important.

Dimension stability -- one of characteristics that this is magnesium. Take out from inside the mould when it when, the product has very little leftover casting stress only, accordingly, it need not anneal and go what stress handles is necessary. Certain metal is exposed for a long time fall in higher temperature environment, it is namely not the change that to load bear also can produce size structure. And use AM kind magnesian casting alloy won't appear this kind of phenomenon. And fall in to load circumstance, this kind of metal also can appear to fight creep character very well. For example, AM presses cast to bear 100 hours below condition of more than 120 ℃ , only 0.1% come of 0.5% always stretchy. The magnesium alloy of a few new development still can offer other bigger combat creep strength.

Automation productivity and tall mould life -- won't have reaction with steel as a result of the magnesium of melt, this makes it more come true to undertake be manufacturinged automatically operating in hot cell die casting machine easily, also prolonged the life of steeliness mould at the same time. Compare with aluminous die-casting photograph, magnesium casts mould life to be able to compare 2-3 of former tower above times, 200 thousand times normally the die-casting of above operates tenability.

Cast function goodly -- fall in the structural condition that keeps good, magnesium allows cast wall thick small to 0.6mm. This is plastic products falls in same intensity, the wall that cannot reach is large. Also want to be below 1.2-1.5mm limits as to aluminium alloy, ability can be compared with magnesian photograph. Additional, magnesium alloy is being used for long reach temperature to lift won't produce constituent change, microtherm (- 10 degrees the following) when, also do not have fragile crack a problem. Magnesium alloy is current and general can die-casting arrives 0.8mm, stride toward 0.5mm, the die-casting of magnesium alloy cold room of power strong company can be amounted to 0. 6mm, hot cell die-casting can amount to 0.4mm. The crust of the coequal intensity that prop up, the goods of magnalium alloy, weight is a project plastic (ABS) 54% , tensile strength is 2.4 times, can bear to be pounded 3 times from what 1 meter of altitude fall continuously, enough offer NB to use LCD face plate (Panel) needs tigidity.
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