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Talk about our country to solder equipment current situation and development

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, our country solders equipment trade current situation

Above of close in part of world steel output is to use welder art make its steel, solder serve as a kind material permanent connective technology, had permeated each domains of manufacturing industry, solder equipment becomes the treatment with modern essential industry to equip.

1.1 solder in recent years general situation of equipment production trade

Although get a country,policy of macroscopical adjusting control is affected, the house of price of main raw material of welder does not fall high, manpower cost rises, market competition is intense wait for element influence, but the momentum that industry of domestic electric welder still maintained rapid growth. But high-end market still is held basically by foreign product, cheap market is begged for be more than in, price competition makes main competitive instrument, the profit space of the product rises in price as former, complementary material and narrow further. While copper, iron rises in price, electronic parts price is reduced gradually, this makes the cost advantage of inversion welder is highlighted come out.

The circumstance of 1.2 inversion welder

The development of inversion welder basically suffers what power electronic parts develops to drive, since canal of fast brilliant brake, transistor (GTR) , canal of MOS field effect and insulation grid transistor (IGBT) after coming out in succession, use inversion principle to apply its at soldering as switch component equipment, develop brilliant brake to be in charge of effect of inversion welder, transistor inversion welder, field to be in charge of inversion welder and IGBT inversion welder in succession.

In industrial developed country, inversion technology applies extensively already at solder of manual arc welding, TIG, especially CO2 of / of MIG / MAG is automatic, semi-automatic in solder, also begin to apply in resistance welding machine, on the world a few main welder made a manufacturer finish the seriation of its product stage by stage.

Because inversion welder has weldability rate of can good, dynamic response it is fast, good to use character, efficiency is tall, solder speed is tall, muti_function, be helpful for implementation soldering the advantage of mechanization and automation, already made the development way of arc solder power source. 2000, our country includes high-tech catalogue item IGBT inversion power supply, become solder the product that equipment industry is included exclusively.

1.3 markets competition is non-standard

Major company is led to go after the market to have, eagerly Jew, compete without foreword with low price, lose profit sale even, this will endanger our country badly to solder the healthy progress of equipment industry. If why handle good cost, profit, market to own the concern between rate, it is whole solder the issue that equipment industry needs to be faced jointly.

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