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Pipeline company is rolled out brand-new full automatic machine of hot fusion we

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The higher demand that provides net construction to put forward ceaselessly to heating up fusion welding machine to get used to home to light gas PE, combine positive result of newest electron technology, plastic conduit sets Jilin city loose river have finite liability company rolled out brand-new AFM - 315 model full automatic machine of hot fusion welding.

Full automatic welder is the sequential process that can make plastic pipe material solders solder by what the target according to people set finishs the machine automatically completely machine.

As a result of plastic pipe material solder interface still detects without ideal nondestructive method, solder because of this is carried out strictly the standard is the basic safeguard that assures interface quality, application is full automatic welder undertakes soldering but utmost ground decreased to solder the influence that process person is an element, assure interface quality.

This welder has excellent sexual value to compare, full automatic to domestic promotion solder application is sure to have positive stimulative effect.

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