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Solderer technology is done with certificate of profession of pass an entrance e

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To answer blessing refine project next solder height, ensure of the project solder quality, came 23 days on July 22, 68 10 staff that built a company to organize each ginseng to build unit of unit, the business that distribute a packet in ministry of project of blessing refine project, attended CO2 gas to protect solder to obtain evidence exam.
Still have stuff of solder of 43 argon arc, manual solder additionally, entered corresponding type of work in production obtain evidence, the exam that change testimony. The reporter sees in the spot, ten welding torch brandish together, bright solder is beautiful, dazzling arc, the sweat of labor, interweave an insecurity of solderer examination room, enthusiastic picture. The reporter understands, solder of CO2 gas protection obtains evidence exam especially conspicuous, because CO2 gas protects solder craft to have,solder speed fast, efficiency tall, quality is good wait for a characteristic, 10 build a company to decide to be in construction of pipeline of technology of blessing refine project, CO2 of strong thrust travel solders technology.

To make this solders the technology gets applied smoothly, came on May 29 this year on June 7, 10 built ministry of project of project of company blessing refine to organize " CO2 gas protection solders technology " groom class, many 120 staff played special subject to groom. Meanwhile, 10 build a company to threw capital to purchase 50 CO2 gas to protect electric welder and equipment of form a complete set, prepared 100 many different capable person of qualitative, norms solder exam pipe fitting, established electric welding to obtain evidence examination room, prepared 12 CO2 gas to protect electric welder and partial handiwork arc welding machine, use technically at this second exam. For strict examination program, the 10 concerned staff that built a company to still invite Shandong to save supervisory bureau of technology of quality of Zi rich city, undertake invigilate to spot of exam of ministry of project of blessing refine project on a special trip.

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