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Our country aluminium electroanalysises the technology develops way

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Since this year, the country published a series of policy continuously, iron and steel of keep within limits, electroanalysis the industry infrastructure such as aluminous, cement invests overheat impetus. Add alumina to supply shortage price house not to fall high, the energy crisis that the near future erupts brings about electrovalency to rise, reach exit to retreat tax rate to reduce the effect that waits for an element, electroanalysis aluminous enterprise all sides suffers enemy, for this aluminous to be in those who develop summit summit to electroanalysis industry a no less than storm. Project drops in temperature quickly, the enterprise produces cost to increase considerably, profit shrink, quite occurrence loss of one part company, according to the report at present the whole nation oneself 60 aluminous factories are in stop production or condition of partial stop production, electroanalysis aluminous enterprise is immersed in unprecedented predicament.

Our country electroanalysises aluminous industry experienced 50 old development since found a state, progressively already by electroanalysis aluminous pure entrance country turns into the world is the biggest country yield aluminium. But, because our country is aluminous industrial industry structure is unreasonable, alumina supplies serious inadequacy, and alumina this electroanalysises in the hand that aluminium produces the mainest raw material control to be in a few enterprise, add get the limitation of power system, our country electroanalysises aluminous production uses electric issue is the worry electroanalysises all the time the difficult problem of aluminous enterprise, in recent years although a few enterprises realized aluminous report affiliation, but very good to most enterprise uses electric issue and failing solve, because this electroanalysises,aluminous business appears unusually weak before this storm.

20 centuries since 80 time, dogging international exceeds large bake aluminium electroanalysises beforehand on the base that the technology expands, our country obtained a series of positive result in development of capacity aluminous electrobath, make overall technology level crosses domain of technology of aluminous electrobath of our country high capacity to have a kind first into the world, electroanalysis to aluminium inside the industry technology the development henceforth oneself without too great faith, also let a lot of aluminium electroanalysis technical worker feels confused. The author thinks: Although our country development is successful 300KA class is especially big capacity electrobath technology, popularize application quickly, but because we are dogging,international electroanalysises came true to span in aluminous technology process type develops this one characteristic, large chamfer technology has not pass the perfects stage by stage course that produces a course, producing lack of practical technology domain to due technology is accumulated and be propped up, because this still is put in a lot of outstanding technology issues, still have bigger difference with international level.

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