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Laser beam welding receives a technology to promote a car workmanship greatly
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In car workmanship, soldering is the car rigs on automation line one indispensable process. Will tell normally, automobile body solders to basically have the kind such as solder of resistor electric welding, seam welding, carbon dioxide. Solder in the spare parts on, apply solder the technology still has flashy solder, electron beam solder, electric bolt solder, pulse solder, friction welding to wait a moment.

In recent years, on the world newest appeared laser beam welding receives a technology, and develop very quickly, at present our country had masses car department to use laser beam welding to receive this kind of advanced workmanship only.

Differ with current and conventional spot welding technology, laser beam welding is received can achieve the element between two armor plate to be united in wedlock, common and the armor plate hardness after character solders namely is equivalent to making a stencil steel, promote automobile body intensity thereby 30% , the combinative precision of automobile body promotes greatly likewise.

Of course, use a sense actually what laser beam welding receives and not only hereat. Generally speaking, the bumpy meeting that car comes from the ground when advancing on road is changed into minutely automobile body of on 1000 screwy motion test, if precision of automobile body union, intensity is insufficient, light an abnormal knocking inside the car again and again, noise is big, serious likelihood brings about installation to be like bridge of gear-box, around in the component on car damage or automobile body ruptures. In fact, no matter much better way besides, our drive undertaking high strenth twist moves ceaselessly, and as speed promotion, distance increases, this kind of test will be sterner and sterner affect the safety that drives the person that multiply directly.

After all what is laser beam welding is received?

Laser technology is used polarizing the beam of light that the light beam that lens reflex laser produces makes its are centered in focusing device to produce tremendous energy, if the focus approachs work, workpiece can fuse inside a few millisecond and evaporate, so this one effect can be used at welder art. The characteristic that laser beam welding receives is workpiece be solderinged is out of shape dinky, have join space hardly, solder deepness / width comparing is tall, because this solders,quality solders than the tradition the method is tall. But, the quality that how makes sure laser beam welding is received, namely laser beam welding receives a process to monitor be being controlled with quality is the serious content that a laser uses a field, include to use all sorts of sensor such as inductance, capacitance, sound wave, photoelectricity, pass computer processing, in the light of different solder object and requirement, welding line of implementation such as dogs, blemish detects, welding line quality is monitored wait for a project, through feedback control adjustment solders craft parameter, realize automation laser beam welding to receive thereby. Say so, laser beam welding is received is technical very strong advanced workmanship.
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