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Zincic industry receives a trade " shuffle greatly " good luck
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No matter be Shanghai period zinc,still be at present human relations period zinc, all behave low fan, the price is in extremely small position, be faced with even broken drop the likelihood of cost price. Domestic zinc industry is extremely stagnant, zincic look forward to runs hard, be in hot water. Hind city zinc industry what course to follow? The author thinks, since of zincic industry depression the industry survives the crisis also is the industry shuffles good chance.

This year first half of the year, besides in snow calamity and earthquake impact of two natural disaster falls, zincic price borrows machine rebound besides, the others time is deep a callback. The element that creates this kind of situation is very much, but the yield that zinc enlarges continuously can bring about inventory to expand ceaselessly, the constrictive money below together with inflation, make zinc downstream company capital catenary is in short supply, bring spot market finally enormous pressure, compressed the vivosphere of zincic smelt enterprise. The author thinks, price of zinc of second half of the year will still continue to continue drop situation, this is the dilemma that enterprise of all zinc smelt faces jointly, also be to quicken the zincic industry conformity, historic opportunity that undertakes the industry shuffles.

Cause the adverse situation of smelt company occurrence loss to because plumbic zinc price drops continuously,be turned round, home 27 medium or small the agreement that zincic lead smeltery and mining business combine reduction in production at been reach 12 days in Shanghai this month, intercurrent cloth combines announcement, express to will be in 7 to cut zinc and plumbic output during September about 10% , in order to support the price.

After close therewith, business of before calling together domestic output to reside by guild of Chinese nonferrous metal 15 smelt of plumbic zinc mine attends a meeting, discuss the opportunity that industry of current China nonferrous metal faces and challenge, hold domestic zinc total output is smelt metal of the calabash island of 55% or so portion, individual plant, medium tycoon of ten large smelt waits south Jin Ling, right " support value of associated reduction of output " do not agree with however, the plan that is restricted to produce support value jointly is hard and fast.

Large zinc machines an enterprise to think, the deficit dilemma that small-sized smeltery faces, brought the fine the main chance of an integrated market actually, can borrow machine general small smeltery to push a market.

Because the abidance of zincic price drops, company profit space is compressed. A lot of medium or small zincic look forward to because profit margin is too low first half of the year, if reduction of output, enterprise with respect to target of profit of short of annual, so second half of the year still may be production of high load capacity, this formed vicious circle.

This year 1 to May, domestic zinc is superfluous many tons 40 thousand, mean monthly first half of the year entrance zinc 20 thousand tons, whole market is in supply and demand basically to balance position, crop of zinc of predicting home annual 3.9 million tons. Come so, annual zinc crop increased compared to the same period this year 3% . Because mineral products of before a few months is supplied,abound, yield of our country zinc is short-term inside will still maintain perch. The besides relation as a result of rate of exchange of futures of domestic and international zinc, our country must face the reality of a large number of entrances, this will depress domestic spot market further.
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