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Electric welder produces a business how straight face crisis
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From 4 years since, rolled steel, silicon steel piece, the collective topic that the raw material price such as copper and the growth of all sorts of charge already became electric welder to produce a business. As " labor law " those who wait for law is farther carry out fulfil, the reform of the system that use worker worker makes labor cost rises. Additional, the RMB appreciates, money is constrictive, close the PPI of a few months (index of producer prices) the economic element that increase rate resides no less than high waiting for to affect a business increases ceaselessly. Hair of near future country changes appoint increased electrovalency and standard of finished product oil price considerably again, these elements rose to solder undoubtedly the manufacturing cost of equipment. However, the sale price of the product did not rise subsequently. In this kind of profit constrictive circumstance falls, if the enterprise still relies on price element competition only, lose profit sale even without profit, emphasize the market one-sidedly having rate, will endanger an industry badly live, also can produce adverse effect to whole industry. Be based on a lot of and adverse element, how the enterprise faces reality and meet a challenge, talk about oneself view around this one him problem.

Current, the most pressing should be concept of change business development, examine and the station solves the contradiction of above and problem in new point of view, innovation manages a concept, in order to comply with the development of the times. Innovation is competition ability of core of a company is direct reflect, it includes innovation of science and technology, sale innovation, service innovation to wait a moment, and the is management concept at all innovation of all these, the innovation of train of thought, it is the first job that the enterprise answers the crisis.

1, compose establishs concept of efficient innovation of science and technology, increase the devoted strength of pair of new product research and development, the technology that improves a product is formed, adjust product structure actively, below the premise of demand of contented and average user, to high end, efficient, high additional cost, and the way of demand of contented and special user develops, understand thoroughly and lead the future of consumer the preference. The ability that should accomplish innovation not only strong, rate is rapid, the ability that should accomplish productivity of reality of translate into of innovation of science and technology more strong, rate is rapid. The technical safeguard that relies on place of this kind of efficient innovation of science and technology to offer will raise business economic benefits, accomplish by the price competition turns to compete for the technology.

2, the human nature that compose establishs high grade changes service concept. Competing intense with each passing day today, the service sells as the product " software " , its position cannot small gaze. Before traditional carry out, carry out counteracts after service to already cannot satisfy current development condition, replace will be from it is for central changeover with the product what be a center with the client is all-around service concept, set out from prime increase of the client, of implementation company and client double win, utmost ground satisfies client requirement.
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