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Chinese auto industry becomes a machine tool to consume main body consumption to
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Chinese auto industry has become a machine tool to consume main body, 40% what its consumption occupies gross about. In the meantime, the half above that auto industry invests is used at buying to make equipment, 80% what import machine tool forehead to occupy a machine tool to purchase total about among them.

The car makes 4 kinds of big machine tools that equipment needs basically include: 1, product line of metallic cutting machine tool, occupy all car to make the half above of equipment amount and amount. Especially China, because nicety forgings,technology and equipment lag behind, major car component uses cutting means treatment. 2, truckload make " 4 big tooling " , include to truckload and automatic assembly line, automobile body solders and assemble automatic product line, spray automatic product line, punch is automatic product line. 3, nicety forgings product line reachs production unit, include forge of die forging, hot essence, cold essence forge (cold extruding) , equipment of pulverous metallurgy sinter forging, inside high-pressured figuration equipment. 4, cast product line: Include cast-iron the nicety of a treatment casts product line, the die casting machine that aluminium alloy cast machines (production unit) . Other still equipment of cut of system of cutting tool of test equipment, numerical control, laser waits.