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Electric welder industry grows in order
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President of wave of a surname of Inc. of Beijing times science and technology

Each director, manager: Everybody good afternoon!

This is I attend peak of industry factory director to meet for the first time. I solder at was being entered in July 2003 industry, have 5 years of time full to now, a the biggest feeling is with testing instrument photograph comparing solders equipment industry is too tired. Speak of orderly development today this topic, what cries orderly, below what circumstance can orderly? I think this problem still needs to compare endless time ability to solve. At present the concentration of industry of whole electric welder spends special difference, willow always has said to many 2000 business is shared in the industry now to me, it is not clear to also be done have how many after all. But from this year in May Beijing • dust dark in light of the case that extend, I think overall old structure has formed electric welder industry, reappear the possibility of a few a dark horse is not large, this is us the understanding to this industry. In light of the condition that develops relatively from whole industry, I do not have orderly problem thorough reflection, from yesterday evening our discussion sees, there is difficulty really in the industry in order at present. How can develop continuously as the enterprise, this may be more issues that we study, also be more issues that each manager that be present considers. In the center of 2006 put forward on economic conference good fast develop continuously, what emphasize as the country is the GDP that how accomplishs green, below the premise that damaging environmental protection namely, do not be the GDP of cost with loss environmental protection. Will tell as the enterprise, how can level off, how can produce gules GDP, not be cost in order to produce bad debts namely, do not lose gain with caustic or earn the GDP that is cost without Qian Ke, this should be the problem that is worth us to think very much. These issues that I discuss today were 2006 on our company plenary meeting " good fast, develop continuously " a few idea in thematic report.

The first, in the development of whole China, how to know develop continuously. Regard a times as the company, how does the plan undertake persistent developing. A lot of managers also had been told how to know develop continuously, have very sober knowledge to this everybody. The mean life of 500 strong companies of world may be not worth 40 years, also the mean life that someone says to pass company of Chinese civilian battalion is a digit. Below such circumstance, how should we develop. A moment ago Chen Zong also discusses issue of white home appliance, also somebody also mentions the problem of gray home appliance such as the computer, the example of these industries and growing contrail, already special and apparent show before us. Around Beijing ZhongGuanCun, the business that does home appliance is very much, the business that does computer is more, now, the profit of computer production company is 20~40 yuan / stage, company of mobile phone production is 6~8 yuan / ministry, television production company is 15~20 yuan / stage. I feel the development of these enterprises relies on cash flow condition completely. If if company profit is small already,arriving to cannot run normally without cash, this enterprise is close to the brim that close down. How do this develop for Chinese enterprise offerred vigilant fact. Centrally published 500 strong list of new world on stage CCTV2, I think a lot of enterprise dispute of Chinese often long to become among them. Compare with a lot of western nation postures, chinese business is potential more how does pursuit enter the world 500 strong, and foreign company may think more is how to live 500 years; The issue that a lot of enterprises of Chinese consider is how to make our brand diffuses ceaselessly, and what foreign company thinks is how to make sells expensively capacity, the difference between this is very big. Our company is in the process of development, also facing these problems. In the company I also am emphasizing ceaselessly, do good times welder this brand, make brand of times welder China. What is called a brand, to this problem, in us the company is remittent already had discussed for many times. Final all of us thinks the brand is " sell expensively, sell more, sell for a long time " pronominal, is not brummagem pronoun. In our company's ceaseless discussion, we should hold to " sell expensively, sell more, sell for a long time " concept. Had such concept only, just can make clear an enterprise the development direction henceforth.
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