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About inviting China to solder industry visiting Egypt solders the announcement
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Solder abutment friend of respect: Be honoured to invite you to attend as elite personage very much2008China solders the business affairs that the industry goes to Egypt inspects an activity. To satisfy China to solder the industry extends the pressing requirement of the international market, form a delegation by professional business affairs going abroad much home of transmission of culture of tall standing grain of orgnaization —— Chengdu, home solders assist (learn) meeting and abroad solder exhibit the clasp such as constituent unit, solder in the light of China the development trend of the industry and market situation, from numerous and abroad solder exposition, handpick Egypt is the biggest solder exhibition, specially invite solders with constituent China please the elite personage of the industry is headed for look around negotiate, research an international market. Business affairsThe activity is specific arrangement is as follows: One. Business affairs activity introduces L 2008 Egypt tool machine and solder cut equipment is exhibitedExtend meeting time: In November 2008 6-9 dayExhibit meeting site: Egypt capital CairePostpone meeting introduction: This second solder exhibiting is by Egypt international exhibition group company is sponsorred, exhibit with technology of empty oil pressure, storage carries equipment to exhibit combination to hold, predict to exhibit net area 11 thousand smooth rice, the 700 many ginseng postponing business that come from 49 countries are exhibited, visiting number amounts to 50 thousand person-time, it is North Africa area and Arabia world's most principal mechanism is exhibited one of. As a result of in recent years Egypt industry especially the swift and violent development that crude oil extracts, to soldering with cut equipment demand increase sharply, of all kinds solder equipment is in exhibit the position with be held more and more significant in the meeting. Egypt market: Egypt ground is crossed inferior, be not two continent north to be close to Mediterranean, the Red Sea is faced east, the ground is become inferior, communications center of traffic of blame, Ou Sanzhou, in recent years the heavy industry such as oil, steely, electric power, cement, machinery also has greater progress, oil develops particularly rapid, industry of dispute continent region compares one of countries that develop. Capital Caire, it is the city with the biggest Africa. Research Turkey Electromechanical market: Turkey and Egypt near neighbour, commerce contact is intimate, turkey made the terminal of Egypt and Asia-Europe commerce. In recent years, be in China soldered to show more and more Turkey businessmen showpiece, the mechanical and electrical products of more and more China sells as far as to Africa through Turkey. Beijing of 8 years dust dark solder the Turkey travelling merchant that exhibit reachs 45 people, before 10 when occupy abroad audience amount, see the Turkey attention to Chinese market. 2. Scheduling of business affairs activity
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