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About inviting China to solder industry visiting Egypt solders the announcement
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Scheduling of business affairs activityAccording to particular case, will undertake the part is adjusted, Will undertake the part is adjusted,, Egypt + Turkey 8 days of journeys: Caire of —— of Alexander of —— of Guangzhou —— Caire (exhibit can) Guangzhou of — of —— Turkey IstanbulGive round time: On November 2, 2008 Give round place: GuangzhouInspect charge: 14800 yuan / person (sign up since this day, be restricted 12 people)League membership duesInclude: Egypt business affairs inspects invitation letter, surtax of tax of whole journey airline ticket, airport, fuel, normal visa, 4-5Astral class lodges between hotel standard, exhibit meeting entrance ticket, row of the place inside hodometer watchs spot entrance ticket, costly travel bus, 6 dish one soup6 dish one soupChinese style surrounds eat) Fruit, be sure outside Chinese tourist guide, condition. Charge is not contained: Tourist guide feeUSD60/Person, individual consumption, at one's own expenses the charge of the project, await truckage of the have dinner inside time of machine, a favourable turn, baggage, home paragraph traffic, single room differs ¥1600/Person. 3, invite a honored guest: The personage of each industry elite that is engaged in welder making 4. Constituent unit: Machine of tool of Egypt of association of foreign trade of Taiwan of limited company of transmission of culture of Chengdu tall standing grain and solder cut equipment exhibits origanization construction 5, advantage and characteristic L This is the business affairs activity that an one in hundred, elaborate design, content exceeds a value! L It is you understanding international market and those who have industry communication absolutely the main chance! L Invite a client to participate in, pass on optimal way of the client! L Senior international tourist guide is accompanied from churchyard whole journey setting out, put an end to the black hole with the activity outside the condition and non-standard travel! Face open international market and intense competition, as good as of adherence China market acts blindly at “ , have a very narrow view ” , unlock the our horizon, pace that steps us, the world has how old, arena has how old! Invite sincerely participate in! Culture of Chengdu tall standing grain transmits limited company On July 21, 2008 Attend go to Egypt to solder business affairs inspects watch of mobile receipt signing up (duplicate, enlarge is effective) Unit name E-mail Location Mail Make up Surname Office of branch of renown sexual distinction Wu report The word is passed True hand Machine Join unit opinion my unit agrees to attend this second business affairs to inspect an activity, charge
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