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Chinas first fully automatic welding on-site application of domestic success
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Came from the West-East Section of a second is the revitalization of twenty-news: China's first homemade automatic spot welding application success, reaching every 8 minutes to complete a ∮ 1219 × 18 weld design capabilities. PetroChina (601857, stock it) oil pipeline engineering construction bureau chief engineer of China, China-made automatic welding applications research team leader Wang Lujun topics introduced, which sets the Chinese Academy of Sciences, three-year oil and gas pipeline development The first China-made automatic welding equipment, oil workers after a Chinese construction company last year and a half of on-site promotion and application performance from the ability to have full energy and the current U.S. welding industry known NO.1 CRC comparable products. Ministry of Civil Affairs said that only 25 yuan per capita charitable donations are not accepted by the public. According to reports, the China-made automatic welding equipment purchase costs of imported equipment is only 1 / 3; the design are made using welding consumables, welding consumables, the price of imports also only 2 / 3. Once a large number of the device in use, Not only can greatly reduce the use of units of the construction costs, to the construction companies bring in huge returns, but also stimulate domestic related industries such as the development of welding materials. In the history of China's oil and gas pipeline welding, automatic welding machine has been dependent on foreign imports. Industry experts point out that Chinese oil workers built the first company to achieve the automatic application of welding technology, domestic equipment, completed the research into If the transformation pipeline welding technology in our landmark.