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Building a safety net in the construction of a fire or cause workers to use we
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Coincided with rush hour, Hengshan Road is located in the west area huaheng Institute build a new town residential building in the fire, huge fire spread half of the west side of the construction safety net, after firefighters put out more than 50 minutes of struggling, the fire was finally been extinguished. Yesterday, four in the afternoon to succeed, an aunt who lives in huaheng district of Metro Design Institute is building through the residential building, heard someone shouting: "Fire!" She looked up and there are a dozen small-storey building area of the flame burning in a safe online. Soon the fire spread more than half of the safety net, the fire burned 8 to 18 layer layer a red safety net, even in Minnesota residents can see the road. Huge smoke, attracted a lot of crowd. Ten minutes later, four fire engines with more than 20 firefighters arrived, but because of the fire is relatively high, water cannons can not hit the top of the building two floors. The face of raging fires, firefighters will be water bag laying on the roof, directly down from the jet. After 50 minutes of struggling to fight the blaze, the fire was finally extinguished, the building west of the safety net has been burned, the west side of the building was burned ruins. According to a construction official said that when a worker may be careless in the use of welding caused the fire, the fire spread along the safety net.