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Parking porter tune monitoring records stolen police seize welding
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"Before, no, Lang were to have been videotaped, caught a shot played on." Thieves was arrested and has been able to understand. Today, the reporter learned from the Wanzhou District Public Security Bureau, recently, Wanzhou a yard just installed monitoring equipment to record the process of committing the crime of the thieves and help the police cracked a timely manner, "the ghost" in the case of theft. Nov. 8 9 pm, Rendezvous Wanzhou District Public Security Bureau police station received a report, in Kelon Road, Wanzhou District, Chang Chun No. 8 of the Logistics Department Store parking lot of a welding machine, welding cable theft, the value of 1300 yuan. Police rushed to the scene to carry out on-site survey visits, and to report personnel information. In visits to the survey, the police transferred the video watched surveillance video of logistics companies, and found clues. The surveillance video shows the logistics company, November 7 at 9 am, the company porter Zhang snakeskin bag from a wall to throw out, followed by Zhang pulls out of the wall. Zhang inferred that a major police suspected of committing the crime. Zhang is at this time reflects the leadership of the company parking lot of a car loading and unloading cargo. Police carried out a thorough site-specific deployment environment, Zhang decided to get close to the secret. After the division of labor, the police officer posing as business contacts to the yard, along with the leadership of the company slowly near the truck, loading and unloading of the truck Zhang was surrounded. Zhang called the police to get off, Zhang thought he was looking for something, just the car to be police handcuffed. Police immediately started the trial, Zhang confessed his criminal facts, and account for stolen goods stored in the vegetable market Longbao a rented room on the second floor. Police escorted Zhang in his rented room to the welding machine and welding cable stolen recovered. Currently, Zhang had been criminal suspects detained, the case is being processed.