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Hefei cutting machine welding machine of a construction site workers throw cig
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Last night around 10:40, Begonia Road High-tech public security bureau of fire near a factory room, the workers help themselves first, then the fire department rushed to the scene received a fire alarm, zero o'clock this morning, the fire extinguished. After the incident, place the tool shed five were burned bare. Five sheds were burnt not left that Reporters on the scene, five collapsed shed burned to the ground, twisted wooden partition was burned bear, iron curling, exposing the inside of the structure. Shed most of the burning object is a space, can only be left in the pile of charred wooden partition to identify some of the residue, a few stand alone in the ruins of the motor, the shell off, the machine parts being exposed to the wind. Close to the back of the trees in the camp three or four meters high by whole body burnt trees, leaf does not exist, take a fall on the wires burned off the trees, the breeze. Oxygen bottles are a dozen burning risk 10:50 last night, workers have to sleep Zhang and workers, "Xinhua across the street was suddenly awakened by college students to a group of people shouting 'fire'." Do not know what happened to Sally and workers jumped up, and just go out to see the shed, not far from the dormitory ablaze, "At the time being scared is not a light, attempting jump up at least 3 meters high, is close to the most critical the shed beside the paint shed, where all the paint with the oxygen bottle, if the burning would have been considered. "Looking back at the scene, Zhang also a lingering fear. Thus, Zhang and his party rushed to the shed fire near attend to the fire, and quickly placed a dozen first open-air one meter away from the oxygen bottle to move to a place far, ten minutes later, until the sweating of them to return fire, the fire had not control, and they hastened to the police, then took a dozen fire extinguishers to fight the blaze at the periphery, "two meters away from the fire are roasted not stand people, only simple control to prevent the fire continues to spread. " 11 o'clock that night, the fire department rushed to the scene after receiving the alarm, fire, zero o'clock this morning, the fire extinguished. Suspected to be caused by the workers throw cigarette butts Wang Qiang, head of the shed watching the ruins, tears. According to him, the camp used mainly for storage of construction tools, "built more than two years." Every night there will be two workers on duty guard, never had anything. Today, midnight, sleeping people, he suddenly received a phone factory, told him the shed on fire. Let him run scared over wearing clothes. Wang Qiang told reporters that some expensive motors are stacked in a shed by the north, the "cutting machine, welding machine, any site that some have, have all been burned, it lost the next ten million dollars at least. " About the cause of the fire, Wang guess shed care workers may be inadvertently caused the night to smoke, "these are cotton laminated wooden partition, a careless, burning, very fast." However, the matter has now, he does not intend to pursue the responsibility of the workers, "burn and burn, and find him useless, and can only be considered bad luck."