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Shenyang high-rise fire caused by welding welding suspected empty fire extingu
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"Shanghai is the illegal use of high-rise fire caused by welding, Prime Chang'an this site have also been in the use of welding, with such a fire will also illegal use of welding ah?" At 9:30 on December 9 or so, Shen He District, Spirit Changan Commercial Plaza construction site suddenly caught fire and smoke billowing smoke. While the fire brigade the fire was quickly extinguished, but witnesses suspected the fire caused by welding, and therefore questioned the safety of the site management. Baoliao: There was a fire in the street! From the 9:35 start, this newspaper's hotline received more than readers have been rebellion, said the street near the fire. Although the rebellion of readers in different locations, but they all see a lot of smoke rising from the nearby street. Finally, a very fact explicitly told reporters that the fire is the Spirit Square, Chang'an commercial construction site, the location Shuncheng Street in the East, the original location of the small food city. According to Ms. Zhang introduced, although not see the fire, but the scene of the fire should not be small, especially the smoke produced is particularly high. She also told reporters that although the fire brigade rushed to the scene, but because the scene is not far away from a high-voltage cables, fire officers and men did not risk sprinkler. In addition, there was confusion in the local traffic, the scene has become a large-scale traffic jams. Site: Welding machine next to the empty fire extinguisher 9:50 journalists rushed to the scene around, the local traffic police to divert traffic has been restored under the smooth, fire officers and men has complete control of the fire, is the final cleanup of the fire. Reporters on the scene, a fire was located at the northeast corner of the second floor of the building under construction, fireworks have been the basic building body blackened. Near the fire, the reporter saw a welding machine, next to a dozen fire extinguishers. Reporter with Shoulin a moment, fire extinguishers have been empty. Witnesses told reporters that members of the public, the fire initially, the site staff has tried to use the fire extinguisher, but did not control the fire, the scene of the smoke is also growing. The fire brigade rushed to the scene, they found that the fire next to a high voltage cable, fire officers and men of power in the absence of the former, there is no rush sprinkler. Wait until the power is cut off, the fire was extinguished quickly. Question: Welding work caused the fire? Reporters on the scene learned that the fire is located at the commercial center, the city has mobilized the fire command center Shen He, Hai Shen, Big East and a few implementation of fire fighting squadron arrived at the scene. As fighting in a timely manner, the fire did not cause casualties. The cause of the fire, witnesses told reporters that he saw the fire before the construction site welding was in progress, so he suspected that welding sparks fell on the site Weidang of flammable substances, causing the fire. The witness said that November 15 is the Shanghai high-rise fire caused due to illegal use of welding, but also because if the fire caused by use of welding, then the site must exist in the security management issues. He hoped that the departments concerned to pay attention to this.