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Japan is invented " take energetically " force of the person that wear adds 10 t

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"Take energetically " controller of research and development discipline of 3 rank brave.

Had this to cover " steely muscle " help, future probably everybody can be become " steely a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " .

Put on " take energetically " hind, the person that apparel can raise 30 kilograms object easily.

Development of a company of Japanese goes " take energetically " it is the armour outside machinery of first complete function of world, instant of force of limb of the person that can make apparel increases decuple. "Take energetically " the market will put in in the near future, the person that help old people and limb deformity enhances mobile ability.

   Cycle unit weighs 7 kilograms only

This " take energetically " the name is " mix auxiliary limb " system, by development of Japanese Cyberdyne company. "Take energetically " electric power of battery of have the aid of runs, cycle unit makes an appointment with 7 kilograms again. Person head is passed neurological when giving out motion to dictate, on the dress inside because buy sensor is contacted with human body, can receive faint skin electricity. These sensor and computer are linked together, the computer carries the signal that the sensor that solve interpret issues, guidance binds the mechanical support motion on human body limb.

Near future of Cyberdyne company plan will " take energetically " put in the market, rent every year to the public 500, lunar hire protocol is 1300 pound left and right sides. In the meantime, the company is intended still as other as Japanese home company and abroad and other company cooperate, share " take energetically " technology.

   "Take energetically " force is adjustable

"Take energetically " original design concept is rehabilitation tool, force of limb of the person that can make apparel increases decuple, the person that help the old people of action inconvenience and limb deformity enhances mobile ability. Two years ago, the person that athlete of a mountain-climbing bears deformity of a limb is mounted tall the 4164 Switzerland of rice not Lai spy peak, what this mountain-climbing athlete wears at that time is " take energetically " . "Take energetically " still but force of a priori of limb of the person that the basis apparels undertakes modulatory, the motivation that with ensuring the person of each different gets congenital activity ability size differs is assisted.

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