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Department of Commerce will hold German project machine and technical entrance t

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On October 20, 2008 afternoon, bauma China 2008 is sponsorred just hold a press conference in Beijing. Deputy director general of department of Europe of Department of Commerce of Chinese people republic is outstanding express on the meeting, to enlarge an entrance, promote bilateral trade to balance development, chinese Department of Commerce will be in China hold " German project machine and technical entrance are exhibited (GCMT) " , should exhibit will hold together with Bauma China the corresponding period.

In recent years in heart trade development is rapid. Germany already became China to be in the whole world the 6th and in Europe the largest trade is companionate. In the basis square statistic, trading business volume of the heart in 2007 is 94.1 billion dollar, hold Chinese the corresponding period to the European Union 27 countries 26% of trading business volume. Among them, 48.7 billion dollar just is exported in, import 45.4 billion dollar, fang Shun needs 3.3 billion dollar in. But according to heart square statistic, trading business volume of the heart in 2007 is 84.6 billion euro. Among them, morals is right China export 54.7 billion euro, de Zihua imports 29.9 billion euro, heart Fang Ni differs 24.8 billion euro. De Fangceng carries different channel for many times the attention that Xiang Zhongfang expresses issues of pair of adverse balance of trade, just expand from heart entrance in the hope.

Although bilateral trade statistic is put in certain difference, but in heart of square sufficient understanding just is opposite the attention of problem of adverse balance of trade. In fact, china does not pursue big favorable balance of trade, the hope can realize commerce to be balanced basically. For this, chinese Department of Commerce is in China hold " German project machine and technical entrance are exhibited (GCMT) " , as enlarge an entrance, accelerate the significant move that bilateral trade develops evenly.

Germany is global exit champion and powerful nation of the 3rd economy, its project machine enjoys good reputation in the whole world, also be China at the same time one of countries of main entrance origin in relevant domain. BaumaChina is domain of global project machine one of important exhibitions, assemble numerous the mechanical facility that provides international force most produces business, represented the level of manufacturing industry of equipment of current international machinery.

"German project machine and technical entrance are exhibited " will in November 2008 25 to 28 days with " car of machine of China International project, building materials machinery, project and equipment exposition " (Bauma China) the corresponding period is the same as the ground to hold. GCMT is sponsorred jointly by Chinese Department of Commerce and German federal economy and technical ministry, chamber of commerce of imports and exports of Chinese mechanical and electrical products undertakes, federation of manufacturing industry of German machinery equipment (VDMA) exhibit with Munich (Shanghai) company assist do, ginseng postpone German business nearly 150, exhibit an area nearly 5000 square metre. At the appointed time, chinese Department of Commerce and German federal economy and technical department leader will attend GCMT opening ceremony and exhibit what hold during the meeting " in heart project machine and technical collaboration seminar " intercurrent watch speaks. To begin deal with concrete matters relating to work to bilateral enterprise collaboration creates better condition, exhibit be geared to the needs of the job of company of the heart in still will be being held during the meeting to negotiate. Bound of economy of two countries of the heart in the hope takes an active part in concerned activity.

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