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Korea warns Korea reappearance handbill to will cause martial conflict

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Mechanism signs up for Korea cabinet " democratic Korea " publish an article 21 days to say, the acquiesce as a result of Li Mingbo and indulgent, conservative party strengthens Korea ultra-Right to send out to face the handbill, undertake psywar, make the likelihood is taken to produce an armed strength as a result of accident to conflict in martial boundary between Chao Hanzhi.

The article says, north and south undertook martial general affairs talks on October 2. In the talk, face just sends out to Korea the seriousness that turns over republican handbill and consequence undertook admonitory, ask Han Fang severity punishs concerned prime culprit and group, and take step, prevent to produce similar incident again. But, korea ultra-Right guards an organization to ignore our demand, intensify just sending out to face the handbill, work in Korea even party found a party of 63 anniversary day on October 10, a large number of sending out the handbill that turns over a republic.

The article says, korea ultra-Right guards an organization to be in city industrial district and area of area of travel of King Kong hill not only recently, and the road of Yellow Sea north and south that still approaching martial boundary and the vast area that Jiang Yuan are daily send out the handbill that turns over a republic.

The article says, acquiesce of Li Mingbo political power and shelter ultra-Right guard an organization to just send out to face the handbill, spread out psywar, stimulated Korea army and people greatly. Below this kind of circumstance, the happening of any accident causes armed strength conflict possibly. The United States has a lot of nuclear weapon in Korea, armed strength conflict may transform for new war, nuclear war, whole Korea nation meets north and south suffer disaster. Li Mingbo is impossible also outside place oneself thing, li Mingbo is in dig one's own grave. Li Mingbo should stop work for one's own destruction instantly with ethical antagonism behavior.

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