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Yin Hang day plans to obtain hold with an expert to say aerospace should be conq

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Stand tall and upright in spaceflight to fire the Indian carrier rocket of field Stand tall and upright in spaceflight to fire the Indian carrier rocket of field

Although startling, but it is a fact however: India is having a few impoverished population, but the rich England that its rocket space technology exceeded already ever was its suzerain. Be in early India becomes European colony hundreds of years previously, rocket from its neighbour -- China passed into this country. 1792, those who inbreak is European in Sailinjiabatan encounter with Indian rocket in battle, the Indian fired a large number of rockets to Ying Jun at that time. Of India making principal part of arrow of flames of war is to bind the iron pipe that has oriented bamboo pole, cannon-shot exceeds 1 kilometer.

   First experience

After gaining independence 1947, india needs independent processing and neighbour -- the relation of Pakistan -- India and it has domanial controversial issue. India by be involved in area armament race, martial demand drives India to develop aviation and rocket manufacturing industry independently.

On November 21, 1963, india gained the practical experience about the rocket first. At that time bureau of American space navigation (NASA) the Nai that launched an United States to make from Indian churchyard is overcome - Apaji is small-sized headroom rocket. Interesting is, cabin of arrow head instrument uses a bicycle to carry carry on the back to emissive place.

In 12 years subsequently, bring to bear on to India eagerly the United States of the influence, England, France, Russia from Indian Dubachi rocket emissive field launched physics of many 350 earth to study a rocket early or late. India was based on the experience that acquires during this to build center of his spaceflight science and technology, begin to manufacture a rocket by oneself. India is designed and the first rocket of development is " Luoxini " (Rohini RH-75) rocket of date solid fuel, it uses gunpowder motor, diameter 75 millimeter. On November 20, 1967, the scientific research instrument that this rocket carries 1 kilogram to weigh blasts off enter the space, height amounts to 9000 meters. Next the Indian manufactured rocket of RH-100, RH-125, RH-300 again, manufactured RH-560 rocket 1974.

Indian ex-premier Ying Di pulls • Gandhi to ever said: "India should be not regarded as a general poverty nation that is perplexed by a lot of problem place, and should be regarded as to be one goes all lengths the big country that solves these problems. India hopes to gain advantage of science and technology, and the footing with him independent defend and action. " fall in the guidance of his this one footing, india " the father of the rocket " -- the plan that Salabayi offerred • of Wei carat horse to build industry of Indian rocket spaceflight. 1962, in Indian Atomic Energy Board (the covering orgnaization that develops nuclear weapon) project of Indian country space held water to study committee below guidance (INCOSPAR) . 1969, this committee is considered to organize by the Indian space that leads by Salabayi (ISRO) be replaced.

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