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Bate of manner of the United States, Czech? Hamster guides negotiation hopeful r

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According to Russia " the viewpoint signs up for " reported on October 17, the United States is stationed in Russia ambassador Bai Erli to expressed a few days ago, the United States hopes to restore to be the same as Russia to guide instead with respect to hamsterSystemThe negotiation that have. Meanwhile, in allow Russia to supervise guide instead on the problem of establishment, czech respect also appeared compromise evidence.

   Beautiful ambassador suddenly release what is held

Bai Erli's ambassador is make when city and Ural college student communicate Xiekajielinbao afore-mentioned denotive. He says, although at present the United States lies on the vital link of presidential replace, dan Huacheng still hopes to guide with Russia the problem restores to negotiate instead suddenly. Notable is, bai Erli this word is to be in the United States to had been the same as Poland and Czech to guide the problem is reached insteadAgreement, mix in beautiful Russia minister of foreign affairs prevent grow a negotiation to not have if really and eventually hind speak.

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