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Bureau of American space navigation plans to build " aerospace flavour "
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Space technology researcher thinks, there is scamper beefsteak it seems that in aerospace, forging metal and solder the flavour when autocycle. American country aviation and spaceflight bureau (NASA) entrusts a chemical division to make up " aerospace flavour " , the hope lends this imitate truer aerospace environment, auxiliary groom astronaut.

England " daily telecommunications signs up for " report, europe rice adds fragrance manufacturer burden company is in charge of Steven Pierce to accepted aerospace bureau to entrust this year in August, begin relevant research works, an aerospace flavour is made up before hopeful the end of the year.

Pierce is visited 16 days Mancunian a middle school, tell about him to take over the beginning and end of this task.

An art that gives priority to a problem with odour was exhibited this year in July on, pierce imitate of a work " peace " the odour inside date space station. After this matter of aerospace bureau know contact him actively, ask ask whether imitate aerospace flavour.

"When a few astronaut accept media to interview, say, they go out the space is returned after executive task station, take off next space navigation to take, when picking next helmet, always can smell a special flavour, " Pierce says, "An astronaut is recollected, the sort of flavour resembles is scamper beefsteak, forging metal or solder autocycle. "

The research of Pierce has progress quite, he made up the odour of similar blast beefsteak successfully, tackling key problem forging metallic flavour. Pierce and colleague think, interior of this kind of element in tasting the likelihood comes from aerospace is special motion. (Special telegram of Xinhua News Agency)