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England prevents a ministry to call England one plane ever with UFO nearly barge
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According to British department of defense newest the data exposure that announce, the plane of an Italy airline is when 1991, ever hoped to think of in Xiang Lundui collect pass with UFO edge in in the descend process of the airport.

Occupy British sky TV station 20 days to report, drive the pilot memory of plane of this Italy airline says, when seeing a brown, object that seems missile figure develops plane the top of head to send the past, he cries to deputy aircraft commander: Attention! Attention!!

The data shows, this is to happened in England 1991 Kent city the mysterious incident in the sky. Total bureau of British civil aviation and martial branch are investigating this matter thoroughly all the time. Concerned branch eliminated the possibility of weather balloon, rocket and missile, this incident up to now still pendent.

The data of this incident and archives of other England UFO are made public on the net as British country archives be able to fair all at the world. Concerned data shows, this wearing carries the 57 passengers, wheat that flies to Xi Siluo airport from Italian Milan to 80 planes fly in 22000 feet headroom at that time, pilot Za Gedi sees a strange object suddenly from its 1000 feet distance flies. After the event of the base of a fruit that tie case narrates say: "Immediately, I cry to the partner ' attention, notice ' , everything what he also saw what I see! " " brush back when this object and us, I ask staff of Italian airline ground immediately, he answers ' I saw an unidentified target is behind you ' . He answers ' I saw an unidentified target is behind you ' ..

Still say in this data, the little boy that British south TV station still reported 14 years old at that time say to see " missile " low fly the news that change enters cloud layer.

A British government official that did not sign writes: "We count this one event ' UFO ' , accordingly we will not acceptance launchs further investigation to this. " celestial TV station says, the material that publishs according to place shows, still produced similar mysterious incident many cases 1991.