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Indian premier is about to begin Japanese travel
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Indian premier Manmohan Xinge will arrive at Japanese capital Tokyo at 21 days, begin the visit that has by a definite date 3 days to Japan. Because the negotiation of free trade agreement is signed to end in order to fail this month between two countries, accordingly analytic personage thinks, laborious case visit will still push the two countries collaboration in classics trade domain hard, but obtain revolutionary positive result unlikelily, and advance strategic security cooperation to will become Xin Ge the main purpose that this visits.

Occupy Indian official to disclose before Xin Ge is visited, during visitting day, xin Ge will visit personally Japan bright benevolence the emperor of Japan, still will hold the post of premier newly with Japan Ma Shengtai man holds a talk, how to manage free trade as soon as possible with respect to two countries agreement and enlarge strategic partner concern to wait undertake development discussion. In the meantime, dimensional technique cooperates and prevent global climate calefacient the topic for discussion that waiting also will be both sides discussion.

Regard Asian area as system of the oldest economy and system of the 3rd old economy, japan and India to strengthen " strategic associate concerns " contact in trade of active aggrandizement classics all the time with association. But because two countries economy is complementary the gender is not strong, bilateral trading business volume is low all the time fan depressed, investment level also lasts on the low side. For this, both sides gave huge patience, strive promotes development of classics trade collaboration. According to bilateral original intention, two countries hopes to sign free trade agreement during Xin Ge visits day originally. Since this year January, the export custom duty that both sides also is abolishing all the time or reduces both sides, sign the economic cooperation agreement with center of commerce and service freedom melt into to undertake negotiating. However, because both sides is in,cut down custom duty and make the respect such as investment target exist hard the difference of close, the free trade convention that holds in Tokyo this month the 10th round of negotiation ends finally with failing. But an official discloses Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, both sides will still use Xin Ge to seek the opportunity of day, discuss how the close difference, way that reachs economic cooperation agreement as soon as possible.

The two countries collaboration in strategic safety domain also is a when Xin Ge visits day serious topic for discussion. Stem from relationship of special ground fringe politics and strategic consideration, the two countries collaboration development in strategic safety domain is rapid. Be stationed in Indian diplomat to divulge according to a Japan, during this Xin Ge visits day, bilateral hopeful signs to include to strengthen national defence and the safe agreement that the military affairs cooperates inside, the national defence that is two countries future and direction of safe collaboration demonstrate. The defensive collaboration that new agreement will deepen ceaselessly in recent years to two countries not only gifts new strategic meaning, more the content with the new infuse of cooperation of national defence security of two countries. According to new cooperative agreement, bilateral and legionary future is in implementation visit of vessel of a sham battle, ship and maritime combination patrol those who wait for a respect is collective drill and fight in coordination.
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