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Yi air force is extensive Israel of maneuver imitate air attack
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The battleplan of " of US-made F-14" tomcat that Iran equips

Analyse website DEBKAfile to report according to Israel information, army officer is announced, what Iranian air force held in Iranian north area on October 16 is large-scale army acting is right Israel held extensive air force June army the response that act. Iranian air force will be in maneuver topic of Israel of drilling air attack.

Many 100 Israel battle banging machine flew to Mediterranean He Aiqin from respective base in June the sea, flight range is equivalent to Israel be apart from flight range of Iran. The outside thinks, this is the drilling that Israel air force is undertaking nuclear installation of Iran of imitate air attack.

Iranian media says, the manoeuvre that Iranian air force holds is not undertaking opportunity for combat of test air force the ability of Israel goes there and back below the circumstance that cheer. Iranian maneuver is returned test radar of wave band of US-made FBX-T motor-driven X guides instead radar system. The United States September to Israel consign guide this set instead radar system, israel covers its disposition the Wadimu inside husband desert inside air base. Iranian says, they the experiment " advanced martial equipment and flight tactics " , this means them to try to undertake disturbing to the electronic equipment of the United States and Israel and radar.

The battleplan of " lightning " with homebred Iran

Iranian media says, all sorts of battleplan will attend Iran maneuver, include among them US-made F-4, F-5, F-7, F-14 and homebred " lightning " battleplan. Boeing cheers machine general to be offerred for opportunity for combat in 707 sky cheer in sky. The middle ten days of a month ever weighed brigadier of Ha Ni of rice of commander of Iranian air force in August, iran is old to its already old battleplan undertook heavy repair and upgrading, battleplan had the capacity that 3000 kilometers range flies below the case that having cheering at present, this one range is Iran and Israel range double much. This is why to this in the tower cloth of ministry of northwest of Iran of choose of Iranian person selected those who be maneuver begin a place. Official announcement says, plane general from be located in Teheran, Dabulici, Yisifa rarely, Hamadan, enlighten at present is rich strap base to take off.

Army officer says, this means maneuver to will spread out in Iranian each district, won't surmount Iranian territorial air. The plane will take off from the base that is located in Iranian Pakistan border land, fly to Dabulici to be mixed with imitate Iran between Israel the range of 1200 kilometers. Iranian air force says, many 100 opportunity for combat will be employed in maneuver, this will with Israel hold before 4 months army the close of amount of opportunity for combat that performs place to employ.
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