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2008 Zhejiang (stage city) exposition of international shipping industry

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Exhibit meeting name: 2008 Zhejiang (stage city) exposition of international shipping industry
Run a country: Chinese mainland
Ginseng extend date: 2008-10-15~2008-10-17
Sign up end: 2008-10-1
Ginseng exhibit the ground: International exhibition center of city of Zhejiang · stage
Approve an unit:
Sponsor an unit: Government of people of stage state city

Undertake unit: Economic Commission of stage state city, Guangzhou collects an exhibition to serve limited company
Assist run an unit: Limited company of new happy shipbuilding, Hangzhou flies to company of group of ship of caique of raise of limited company of guild of industry of shipping of stage state city, Zhejiang shipbuilding, Zhejiang, Ning Bo shipping of east wind of limited company, Hangzhou makes accipitral boat a light boat limited company, Ning Bo is Oriental limited company of shipping build and repair, Zhejiang east: The current situation and good luck

※ Chinese shipping industry continued to present driving growth momentum 2007, finishing quantity achieves annual shipbuilding again the history is new tall, reach 18.93 million carring capacity ton, grow 30% compared to the same period, the 23 % that hold world market share, rank the world the 2nd;

※ is receiving order respect newly, our country is new 2007 carry on shipping order for goods 98.45 million carring capacity ton, than going up year of growth 132% , occupy world market to divide the forehead to be as high as 42% , rank the world the first;

※ 2007, our country holds shipping order one hundred and fifty-eight million eight hundred and ninety thousand carring capacity ton, than going up year of growth 131% , hold world market share 33% .

※ our country carried on 2007 order of bulk cargo boat amounts to 76.11 million carring capacity ton, exceed Japan, Korea, rank the world the first.

Division of ※ national defence is versed in appoint office of shipping industry government allotted a few days ago shipping industry ran working point 2008. Among them shipping industry anticipated development target is 2008: Finishing quantity exceeds shipbuilding of business of industry of shipping of countrywide dimensions above 22 million carring capacity ton, gross value of industrial output breaks through 300 billion dollar, industry increases a value to exceed 80 billion yuan, shipping exports amount to realize 16 billion dollar, profit total grows 20% , economic benefits aggregate index rises at 15 o'clock. Predict 2015, ability will achieve year of shipbuilding of China 30 million carring capacity ton, will become powerful nation of world first shipbuilding.

※ Zhejiang province is big province of our country shipbuilding, its distinct area advantage, solid industry dominant position and concentrated scientific research advantage, for its shipping is made reached course of study of form a complete set to establish good fundamental condition. Production value of Zhejiang shipping industry, sales revenue and profit increase rate are in 50% fluctuation, already ascended industry of body home shipbuilding 4 strong. Among them first what the shipbuilding ability of stage city ranks complete province, shipbuilding measured 1.5 million tons 2006. Zhejiang province plans to be in in the near future build base of 10 big shipbuilding, total investment will exceed 10 billion yuan. According to " industry of 915 ” shipping grows Zhejiang province “ program " predict to saved shipbuilding ability to will reach 8 million carring capacity completely 2020 ton, produce per year a quantity 6.5 million carring capacity ton. At the appointed time Zhejiang province will make our country and even world the most important build one of lay-up industry base.
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